Louis CK Vancouver Part One

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17 Responses to “Louis CK Vancouver Part One”

  1. SigmaSigmaGnarly says:

    he has new material every year for each special, but when comedians have multiple gigs filmed a year at different clubs you’ll see the same jokes as they figure out? the best way to tell it for a special or something. they dont write new jokes for each gig

  2. assassinbbx says:

    I? heard he did a couple of new ones about your mom.

  3. jogore13 says:

    When the 4 year? old is sedated.

  4. illusionists says:

    You must not be very familiar with Louis CK. He goes? to small clubs around the country practicing and trying out material until he feels it is complete which is what is being filmed here. He retires his material by filming a comedy special and he does this every year! A completely new set every year so there is no way you’ll hear the same jokes on his DVDs. Most comedians never have a completely new set each year. He’s entertaining you. Do you have the right to complain? What have you done?

  5. OtakuMovies says:

    Yeah, CK does a lot of same material in different shows.
    But? I still like it, because he adds different flavor each time.

  6. LyingPrauses says:

    Aww c’mon man this is the third time I heard these jokes! Can you please at least have? fresh material in your next DVD, Louis? … C’MON!

  7. AGPMandavel says:

    Maybe because? it’s true.

  8. DrMeh3 says:

    *Makes fun of Dane? Cook*

    *Gets top comment*

  9. nikoletina1994 says:

    dammit.. seen this one already, on? another video…

  10. ASquared007 says:

    Louis CK is the Lenny Bruce? of this generation… Brilliant, thoughtful comedian… His jokes are engineered… To perfection.?

  11. chasedabase says:

    Yes, that is exactly what I am saying *while saying it in a sarcastic? tone.* Not necessarily how talented you are, but how you “utilize” your talents. Dane admittingly worked hard and utilized his talents thus making him lots of money in the process. And so does Louis CK with his recent comedy special out where you can buy it for 5 bucks on his website through PAYPAL.

  12. Xalimander says:

    So, how much mony you make is directly proportional to how talented? you are ?

  13. tbagzsauga says:

    although? Im not a dane cook fan I agree that it’s soooo annoying when ppl talk shit about him on other comedian’s pages.

  14. MrKakoos says:

    Got? one thing to say for all you nubs….Eddie Murphy RAW!

  15. richig761 says:


  16. marblenose says:

    I hate to think? what you’ll be like when you’re six!

  17. DanieLatzanich says:

    how to be dane cook
    Step 1. Tell an everyday, normal boring story.
    Step 2. Use a? lot of weird noises and flailing gestures for emphasis.