Long Beach on Vancouver Island, BC

* Raise the volume as the audio is low on this video * Taking a walk out onto the beach through the #1 access from the parking lot. Its mid morning in August and theres still some fog still lingering around on the beach seen in the distance. As far as days on the beach go, this is quite clear with hardly any breeze blowing, plus its low tide.
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Tegan & Sara - NEW SONG:

Brand new song “Messed Up” from the first show of Tegan and Sara’s fall tour 2012. Sorry for the bad quality! This is normally my commenting only channel but I’ve made an exception for the awesomeness of Tegan and Sara. Enjoy! Check out my regular channel and Tumblr if you wish. thisistashas.tumblr.com http
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  1. redqueen03 says:

    omg is like? a very bad dubstep chours xD