Local Natives – “Cards & Quarters”

Local Natives play Cards & Quarters in Vancouver, Canada. Via winniecooper.net Winnie Tv. visit the site for the full episode

In this episode of Garden Travels, Dave journeys to Sonoma California Wine country to meet Chef Didier Gerbi. Gerbi traveled from France to the US to find a restaurant that fulfilled his philosophy of using locally produced, organic food in-season. He found his match with the French Garden Restaurant and the 30 acre biodynamic organic farm owned by Dan Smith. Each morning Didier walks the field, picking the freshest producer to create simple dishes that reflect the unique flavors and feeling of the day. Always changing, the menu adapts to fit the bountiful harvest that through organic techniques encourage valuable pollinators and predators such as barn owls and bats. Then Dave strolls the grounds of Van Dusen Botanical Garden with Garden Director, Harry Jongerden. Harry outlined his vision for a totally sustainable future for this spectacular 55-acre garden in the heart of urban Vancouver. During our visit, Dave and Harry spent time in the Heirloom Vegetable Garden, part of the Canadian Heritage Garden. In this episode Dave’s favorites include: Lobelia ‘Grape Knee-Hi’ and Heuchera ‘Southern Comfort’.
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13 Responses to “Local Natives – “Cards & Quarters””

  1. Fayzi3meth says:

    Love you guys like crazy!!!! Right now in south africa? we are having a lot of love of you!!!

  2. jbarnettuk1984 says:

    I’m more impressed with the fact he managed? to change outfit half way through the song…

  3. oviloves says:

    Love? the harmonies! Wonderful!!!

  4. kLaOyYlOeLeA says:

    as long as his moustachio doesn’t go anywhere, i’m good.?

  5. Kelly14Ann says:

    I heart this <3 so talented?

  6. ChordN says:

    i? miss…andy

  7. fdge says:

    i think? it’s mostly just Em, Am, C. and in the bridge or whatevs. it’s Am, C 🙂 hope that helps.

  8. HulloKat says:

    Am and C here and there (especially at the end), but the rest is hard to pick out. Google? it! :p

  9. faucetpants says:

    My heart? hurts

  10. Y4semin says:


  11. thesocialnerd says:

    it’s magical. (the? cardigan.)

    (and the song.)

  12. CinnamonCupecakes says:

    Gawd dayum, they are ahmazing! they have such amazing? rhythm!

  13. aripatrice says:

    My favorite? song right now