Live the language – Vancouver

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25 Responses to “Live the language – Vancouver”

  1. EF says:

    This “sun flare” effect was created by a special effects company called Goodmotion… Sorry I don’t know exactly how they created it… Matt @EF YouTube? Team

  2. WesselHendriks says:

    What a great video!! Really well made! Question… I dont’ know the real name for it but where dit you get the “sun” gradient look and feel? Did you made it yourself? Can I buy or download this? effect somewhere? Thx!

  3. EF says:

    How do you like the final scene? Matt @EF YouTube? Team

  4. MisterAlexadner says:

    I can’t believe it took them 35 seconds to include heterosexuality into it! That’s a record…?

  5. zaza7272 says:

    They should have added the word “RAIN” to this video at least five times to give you a better picture? of what you would experience in Vancouver. This video is just hoodwinking you.

  6. az0963818 says:

    Uh..this is in? Canada! lol

  7. karim3d1 says:

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  8. electricmagnetic says:

    erm… I was in Vancouver and in this video I can’t see Vancouver… maybe I’m missing the point of the video… could? be… too hipstery

  9. maedchenlikeme says:

    such a beautiful city as it is shown in this video! was there with? my class, had the most exciting and unforgetable time and looking forward to visit vancouver asap!

  10. aleskandrita says:

    so nice, I love all the videos!? I wanna be there!

  11. mudersville says:

    Beautiful.? How were those colorful looking flares added?

  12. Nia3943 says:

    luv it !!!!?

  13. NycSTV says:

    this? guy looks like micheal fassbender!

  14. TheFanZenka says:

    Do not? tell me how to do the same text labels?

  15. Morelloo1 says:

    quick replies 8) …yea its usually cloudy at Whistler, but if you can get a? sunny day there is no other place like it. Its majestic

  16. EF says:

    We did ski at Whistler actually, but that day it was cloudy so the footage didn’t turn out so nicely – we were? more lucky with the weather at Grouse! Matt @EF

  17. Morelloo1 says:

    Do yourself a favor and ski at whistler and watch Canucks? game as well. But I must admit night skiing on grouse is pretty awesome, just cause of the view.

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  19. mcagriunal1 says:

    Thank you? for these amazing videos EF!

  20. JuanitaChispita says:

    I want to lilve the language at every city!! Love your captures…? Great job and… waiting for something about… Lisbon!

  21. danfong01 says:

    You guys did? a great job capturing my city, this is indeed, a day in the life of me.

  22. Usernameless42 says:

    Love living here<3 !!?

  23. MarioKstgr says:

    thanks! you’re guys? are awesome!

  24. EF says:

    Niklas Johansson, the director of photography, used 2 dslr cameras: Canon? 5d and Canon 7d. Best Matt @EF YouTube Team

  25. MarioKstgr says:

    Everything flows and unfolds so naturally, i like it!
    What camera did you? use on these?