Life on a Cruise Ship

Living life on the a cruise ship. Specifically, the Carnival Conquest. 2nd in my series of cruise videos. Coming up next will be the the beautiful locations that we visited. Music: ‘It’s just a Goodbye’ by Elkysia

A US-operated Antarctic cruise ship with 160 people aboard has lost an engine in high seas, but is limping safely to its scheduled port. The Argentine Navy said the Clelia II declared an emergency on Tuesday, reporting it had lost an engine amid heavy seas and 55 miles per hour (90 km per hour) winds. The ship, operated by Polar Cruises of Bend, Oregon, has 100 passengers and 60 crew members aboard. Courtesy: RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
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45 Responses to “Life on a Cruise Ship”

  1. scorpgc says:

    Looks fun. My favorite cruise line is Celebrity. Stellar service,? classy. Happy cruising to you.

  2. Monet Hill says:

    I am going? on a cruise ship this summer!!!

  3. ventrillo9 says:

    they say? it’s takes too much money

  4. CruiseDealsTV says:

    I’ve been on this boat and it’s a ton of fun.?

  5. zachthetelephone says:

    @xxpdxx86. It’s not that bad…I went on one for the first time and you don’t really notice your in a ship ’til you look outside….but it feels like a hotel? the rest of the time….except for the occasional tilt of shake but no biggy… You should go on carnival sensation…tons of fun

  6. turtlesquad7 says:

    i? left out of Galveston, Texas

  7. BornFancy says:

    Yeah same here..? I sailed out of New Orleans

  8. turtlesquad7 says:

    i left the? 15th and got back the 22nd

  9. BornFancy says:

    Its fun!?

  10. BornFancy says:

    I was on the Conquest! Were? you there like on the 18th or something like that?
    Cause I saw the Magic there.

  11. turtlesquad7 says:

    I saw the conquest in jamaica when? I was on the magic

  12. mw123456789101112 says:

    I’m going on a cruise in august dos that make me Ritch lol?

  13. JVRottweil says:

    LMAO no. Richer people? go on SeaBourne or Regent

  14. SpyroTheDragon1267 says:

    Carnival is where all the low class people go on.? Royal Carribean is better and what the richer people go on.

  15. cobry60 says:

    and they don’t dump waste in the ocean they do it? at port

  16. cobry60 says:

    you don’t want to work? on the ship

  17. tabbycat41187 says:

    I’d like to go on? a cruise with my family 1 day.

  18. SuperLoseruser says:

    The music makes it? depressing

  19. ashleynicole097 says:

    cruise ships are fun …. swimming,food,metting new people and places, its a great experience i recommend them for every? one u WILL love them,and want to go on more

  20. theprincessmik says:

    hope my family? ride on that cruise ship.

  21. akaprtyboy08 says:

    How hard is it to get hired? How? often do they hire?

  22. ogredan100 says:

    @onealhart54 umm, yes? they do. Which is why there are laws in the U.S. prohibiting the ships from dumping their waste within a half-mile from the coastline.

  23. onealhart54 says:

    @ImaginationBlue? No they don’t. The waste is pumped off at their ports. They don’t release in the ocean.

  24. ffairlane57 says:

    Anybody feel? like eating bratwurst and drinking warm beer?

  25. dolcevitausa says:

    damn…do these cruises come with a? money back satisfaction guaranteed clause…

  26. nurwasila maring says:

    its really worst?

  27. lusterwings says:

    Now? that’s one exiting vacation

  28. ripLasher45 says:

    that had to be the? worst

  29. hahamanization says:

    no thats a man throwing his family off board so he can take their bingo winnings, but yes, i can see how that could have scared you.?

  30. GolFifaOnline says:

    0:09 Is that a? man? DDD:

  31. TieInterceptorPilot says:

    What in the law of? great disturbance was that sound at 1:04?!?

  32. lhs04 says:

    i dont know whats? more appalling, everyone giving that guy a hard time for an obviously sarcastic statement or the fact that apparently the EFFING PLANET doesnt know that LOOSE and LOSE are different words anymore.

  33. Roberto Matias Moya Ramirez says:

    an engine lost is an? engine damaged, not working

  34. 04CobraLover says:

    loose as in, the engine died, broke down,? stopped working…smh

  35. stillbashingmetal says:

    160 people on board. That’s an awful lot of? puke.

  36. gemini16th says:

    I bet those? 100 passengers and 60 crew members were in a pickle- lol.

  37. kingcamilo says:

    its another way? to say that it stopped running smart one.

  38. borislandergotten says:

    se refería a k? dejo de funcionar!…saludos

  39. soccerluvr2012 says:

    That? guy on the top is standin like a man

  40. okgoodokwee says:

    Bravo italian? pride

  41. knnkrn1 says:

    adamda mangal gibi yürek araba bagaj? gibide? göt olmas? laz?m buna binmeye 🙂

  42. fizzmaverick says:

    i would!?

  43. MrMadgamer24 says:

    standing? on top of ship like a sir

  44. gokyotreksnepal says:

    very nice,?

  45. TheMeisterize says:

    i see what you did there. original,? i like it!