Let’s Make a Deal from 1980-81 Canada run

Let's Make a Deal from 1980-81 Canada run

Special Friday treat 🙂 Here we have an episode from the short-lived Vancouver BC run of “Let’s Make a Deal” from 1981 starring TV’s Big Dealer: Monty Hall. Audio is somewhat low and video isn’t the greatest in spots but the relative rarity of the episode should make up for it (this is a different episode than what’s already available for viewing elsewhere) Disclaimer: Posted for entertainment purposes only. No challenge to ownership or copyright is implied.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

13 years later: Nardwuar’s second interview with Henry Rollins. Dec 18, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada! (First interview (From ’98) here youtu.be Black Flag photos by Bev Davies / BevDavies.com. New Rollins photos by Mikala Taylor / BackstageRider.com !

21 Responses to “Let’s Make a Deal from 1980-81 Canada run”

  1. bluebear1985 says:

    Interesting costume for the first contestant there. ? Has good taste in beer. Wouldn’t be able to get away with that nowadays considering the brand name is on the front.

  2. zachhoran says:

    This rerun is from 1986, maybe from 9/26/86, as that Life with Lucy episode? originally aired 9/27/86.

  3. KurtCobainof21 says:

    I like HRs music and other work over the years, but man is he an asshole. Does he really have to? be so arrogant.

  4. rvistaworkbench says:

    he is real and authentic,bitch?

  5. Zaetix says:

    LOL? awesomeeeeeee 😀

  6. DooshWillis91 says:

    goddamn I? hate the intro song

  7. FertileGroundRecords says:

    Saw him around that time in Seattle with the Dinos. Seeing him behind J’s amp rocking? out was a trip. I asked Henry why his band wasnt opening for Dinosaur and he sadid the same thing about not wanting to do anymore music. Hope that idea doesnt stick.


    The Clarences love? & support Nardwuar!

  9. thejesinator says:

    oh man he was in sons of anarchy and it like never dawned on me until just now that it’s him.?

  10. MoneySingsNotTalks says:

    lol? def jam!

  11. fishnetsNcigarettes says:

    bahahahahah, henry, that last look? at nardwuar frozen, like- are you serious? lmao. oh. this is like credits rolling. 😛

  12. TDWE says:

    Doot? Doola Doot Doo…..thank you…. ahahahahaha nice!!!

  13. TheHenryMorganShow says:

    I find it interesting that Henry alsways seems to be pissed off when being interviewed by? this guy

  14. alexpoulin says:

    “…cuz i just remember the singer doing a song where he kept? screaming “my shit stinks” over and over again, I thought they were really good”

  15. alexpoulin says:

    “…cuz i just remember the singer? doing a song where he kept screaming “my shit stinks” over and over again, I thought they were really good”

  16. danoy99 says:

    he’s trying so hard not? to laugh at the end

  17. LOLPombaer says:

    Wow, great idea. I’d burn a? church and stab a former band member to see that!

  18. DrStrangeQuartet says:

    hahahaha a really weird? crossover

  19. FATMIKED5183 says:

    You all have to watch…

    Henry’s first interview with? Nardwuar!

  20. ScalpelsGlazeUntamed says:

    4:29 … That kid? bottom left…

  21. ilkovsky says:

    Nobody can interview like Nardwuar.. And I loved how Rollins said,? “I have nothing against you”.