Let It Be Flash Mob for United Girls of the World

No Copyright infringement intended. This flash mob was produced entirely by donation to help raise awareness for the non profit society “United Girls of the World” based out of Vancouver, CANADA. Empowering Girls around the Globe Offering educational scholarships to exceptional girls who give back to society Please see unitedgirls.org for information about our exciting “Extraordinary Leaders” contest for young girls. unitedgirls.org Special Thank you to the founders of United Girls, Heidi Kinart and Elke Babicki. Video Production by Debbie Douez, owner of www.video4webproductions.com Music Director and performance Coordinator: Jon Borrill Director of Choreography: Astrid Sherman from Pro Arte Center in North Vancouver. www.proarte.ca Choir Director: Gillian Hunt and the Soloists from Pandora’s Vox www.pandorasvox.ca Production Assistant and Venue Coordinator: Marie O’Neill Special Thank you to: The Senior and Junior school girls choirs from Collingwood School and their choir directors David Buchan and Erin Deighton There will be an answer… Let it Be……. Thank you to the Beatles for providing such an inspiring song to work with.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Let It Be Flash Mob for United Girls of the World”

  1. OgZikkyC1 says:

    just think that while this was going on, some hundred sandwiches weren’t being? made… the united women of the world need to fix their priorities…

  2. MrJohar1995 says:

    Thats pretty? nice 😮

  3. SuddenlyBrokin says:

    Only fags? Do you know that the term fags means? a bundle of sticks, or a cigarette? The last time I checked, neither of those two things were alive, therefore they cannot like something like this.

  4. 19283Emily says:

    ? speechless?

  5. MrYoboys says:

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaay it’s for girls? not old hags

  6. Nightmareahh says:

    Only fags? like this piece of shit

  7. Loveme7639 says:

    I just cried!? This was beautiful!

  8. ursasru1 says:

    this is perhaps one of the most beautiful flash mobs i have seen. nothing seemed forced about it at all.? it just happened, and the love came through.

  9. rebelvanner01 says:

    realy a wondurful thing to see

  10. otoriemusic says:


  11. rynpahome says:

    beautiful, I wish someone would encourage this to? happen in India, where girls really need more empowerment!! maybe you could spread the word!

  12. TwistedSister09 says:


  13. Ivolutionary69 says:

    Who is? the woman in the blue blouse who was “sangin’ “from the second floor…she blew it out the water! 🙂