Leeside Skateboard Mayhem

@DeathGripz twitter.com Facebook www.facebook.com Web thirdworlds.net Leeside Halloween Jam, Vancouver, BC, October 31, 2011 Music Death Grips – Lord of the Game Video: Zenga Bros. zengabros.com Ft. Harold Green, Vampires Dream, Banana, Lemmy, She Wolfs, Manwolfs, Ladyman, Scarecrow, Werewolf, Long Underwear Man, Clumsy Lumberjack, Dirty Hippy Leeside skatepark is a skater-built park in Vancouver, British Columbia. The name ‘Leeside’ comes Lee Matasi, a skateboarder and artist from Vancouver, BC who was the victim of a fatal shooting on December 3, 2005. Lee created ‘Leeside’, a makeshift skatepark in a tunnel under the Hastings and Cassiar connector in Vancouver. Shortly after his death, hundreds of Vancouver skateboarders and friends attended Leeside, a memorial at a skatepark that Matasi helped build. Leeside is one of Vancouver’s most unique and important skate spots. It’s a very difficult place to skate due to the tight, hand-sculpted transitions, which is why it’s so cool to see the locals rule it.
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9 Responses to “Leeside Skateboard Mayhem”

  1. superdooperchooper says:

    proud to live in vancouver, leeside? is the coolest place

  2. sk8erro says:

    so this is what the post apocalyptic world will look? like….IM DOWN!

  3. boots410420 says:

    is it paranoia? is it? REAL?!

  4. pr0dd2k9 says:


  5. pinoyskinhead says:

    i think i saw Deerman? of darkwood …

  6. Akloside says:

    1:40? its peanut butter jelly time

  7. Ujimaflipy says:


  8. sexyparties says:

    arthur brown sample!?

  9. SuperSaibotShow says:

    they’re? dressed like create-a-skater characters i make in videogames lol