Lee visits H-mart

Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s newest player, Young-Pyo Lee is welcomed by BC Premier Christy Clark

Robert Menard, Rob Christy, Paul Verge thinkfree.ca Interview on simple questions about the FreeMan movement. Gives one a mild understanding on how to become a freeman and gives knowledge that will blow your brain if you haven’t heard of it
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31 Responses to “Lee visits H-mart”

  1. Jenny Radishes says:

    Actually, he came to Vancouver for a show at the Croatian Cultural centre so I wouldn’t? be surprised if he went to watch the game.

  2. sandiegosuperbowl says:

    park has 200 caps with manchester? united…i dont know

  3. gaminkalv says:

    I want to see Three? Lung Park in Toronto.

  4. Laurent Nguyen says:

    @19827364 This is what I thought too, I? was just wondering if I was the only one that thought it was Jason Chen 😛

  5. 19827364 says:

    That MIGHT be Jason Chen, but I doubt he came all the way up to? Vancouver from California to see Lee.

    Then again…

  6. Laurent Nguyen says:

    2:58 – I know? it’s a famous youtuber but I can’t really remember his name!

  7. John Yoo says:

    Basically he came here for his family, not the money dude. He is going to settle down here and run a soccer school. I take it you are a just a jealous? piece of shitt from south of the border (possibly LA). Lee is a great person and he goes to Onnuri church in Vancouver and lives in Coquitlam I believe.

  8. John Yoo says:

    If Lee plays up to expectations, I think they will? resign him for another year. He is expected to run a soccer school in Vancouver after his careers ends. He came here for his family, not for the money.

  9. John Yoo says:

    Yeah seriously buddy. Get a life. The MLS is still not a big money league. What do you expect? The MLS is trying to expand their fan base with the Korean community and as Vancouver does not have a Korean community? center to speak of, they did it in the supermarket. What is the big deal? The supermarket chain is one of the biggest Asian chains in N. America and they wanted to get in on the promo. Lee came here to settle down in a beautiful place with his family. Screw off

  10. JasonJeong17 says:

    What lady @melonbarmonster?

  11. lifesaach says:

    if MLS can get Park JiSung, then it will be a great? story

  12. MrErn13 says:

    calm down? dude. They are just reaching out to the community to increase interest in the club, nothing wrong with that, right?

  13. acmilanfan80gr says:


  14. melonbarmonster says:

    What a garbage promo… reaks of schlock Canadian BS. The man goes? from being a WC semi and 16th round Korean NT, semi CL, playing Tottenham, Dortmund, rejects 1.5 mil to play in Saudi Arabia for his family and you maple leaf retards stick him in a GODDAM supermarket with some fat white lady wearing the jersey????

  15. TheSonyPSVita says:

    Hope he? plays for 2 years cause by then I will be living at California and will most likely watch him play when they play against LA Galaxy.

  16. wind0wninja says:

    @mrmitee “That’s their problem”? LOL You don’t think the agent that processed that garbage isn’t indemnified? Their system only has one interface so if you stick anything up in there its presumed to be legit. All they have to do is wait until it becomes self evident that its? not legit and you’ll be the one guilty of fraud. “That’s their problem”… LOL Tag-n-release!

  17. mrmitee says:

    For many that is not the reality they find. They are? released and apologized to.

  18. creditorscorner says:

    You are already free. You volunteer to be locked up and create controversy through lack of? understanding in law. The freeman argument, and that’s what it is, is a cul de sac. You will get arrested and locked up, oh and fined for your stupidity.

  19. hofifut says:

    Bunch of unemployed conspiracy? wingnuts. Hey, I got an idea…
    Get a job and contribute to society.

  20. shamarc11 says:

    How can i become a free man on the land in new jersey what r some of the steps? i have to take

  21. holla197444 says:

    @batmanjim1 no persons want civilization and democracy people? wanr freedom and privacy

  22. batmanjim1 says:

    At 7:30? he sums it up. If everyone became a freeman, the country would crumble. And that’s why it just won’t work, and never will. People want civilization, people want democrassy.

  23. batmanjim1 says:

    So you believe in common law, and you follow that. But what about people who? don’t believe in common law…..can they just decide not to follow that?

  24. trav man says:

    everyone should become? a sovereign 😀

  25. USUFRUCTable says:

    Good to see folks in BC learning about this. I have recently become ” Self aware” and am teaching others how to break the chains with the same information Mr Menard, Dean Clifford and Mark from the Toronto Truth seekers. Spread the word Good people we are all Equal and free, we just have to take it? back.

  26. amitsdad says:

    And then? there are the peolpe living in Syria : s

  27. InoUnoInoUdontno says:

    …men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from? folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within. Teddy Roosevelt

  28. nitroexpress700 says:

    you and alot of people? would be there im fighting for same thing in canada

  29. LetsCook2gether says:

    You know that I think That we have to? declare this person dead and then inherent everything. Because the person is dead in the eyes of the law.
    And we have the right to the security of person.

  30. woulfe42 says:

    I am with you on this, that’s why i am thinking about reclaiming are right to (BLM) lands or public lands that were taken away from congress back in 1976 de-homestead act. Preventing people from owning or just living on public land, supposedly cause where a threat to the environment yet they allow drilling for natural gases that pollute the air? and poison are water ways so who is damaging what now. I say we should establish a movement here reclaiming the lands.

  31. wesmatron says:

    …also 7:50 … Someone got a great opportunity to speak to these gents and laughed like a kid at the word ‘duties’. We KNOW why you were laughing!

    LOL? legendary mate, I giggled too.