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Join thousands at the Vancouver Art Gallery for our Cannabis Day Celebrations. See history being made as cannabis vendors openly sell their wares as the police give us the thumbs up. Speeches from Jodie Emery, Dana Larsen and David Malmo-Levine. Shot and cut by Marijuana Man. *Note: Support Proposition 19 in California! Vote for LEGAL cannabis for all adults this November! www.TaxCannabis.org http www.CannabisCulture.com www.WhyProhibition.ca http www.Pot.tv
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16 Responses to “Learn English in Canada at ILAC”

  1. 210482fmj says:

    always be sure you are getting your weed from nice people. I would not be happy buying or smoking weed related to big time gangsters involved in dodgy shit if you know what i mean. One bc pot grower alegedly shot several rcmp officers on a farm according to the news. I wanna be sure? the weed im buying is not related to anything bad

  2. MrSunshineSOS says:

    Watch? the Union

  3. dzerse says:

    Caaant? waaait

  4. yySTONIyy says:

    my? new home in 5 months is vancouver and im so happy about it! far awy is europe from canada bit europe is going down slowly but surely! and this is for your? neibours watch?v=KemXWF099WE
    see you soon canada! much greetings from Croatia!

  5. 210482fmj says:

    just do it for free and? dont charge anything

  6. enkilakasha says:

    around 2:28?

  7. enkilakasha says:

    i’m the guy with the red backpack up front and the sign saying? “Purple Kush” xD

  8. firstligmo says:


  9. nitemare2501 says:

    @ilaiduran – most of the marijuana? in Vancouver comes from within the province. In fact, I believe most of the weed in Canada is from BC. Cartels do bring coke, heroin, etc. into North America, yes, but the weed people are smoking at these events is not produced or funded by them, most or all of it was probably grown within Vancouver itself.

    Cartels, gangs, etc. SUCK, but as phuphroo said, it’s because of prohibition that they’re able to do what they do. Legalize it and they lose a lot of power

  10. 666PsychoSnake says:

    The guy you can hear in the background is obviously high…1:36

  11. phuphroo says:

    my point is that this prohibition is enforced by the government, not the citizens so stop blaming it on people like the ones in this video. That is a true statement whether my “dream” comes true or not. These people may not be? using a useful method for legalization but they are not supporting prohibition, which is what keeps those cartels running. There would be no cartels in your country if drugs were legal.

  12. Eli Duran says:

    the thing is that while your dream comes true there’s people? dying… do you want drugs to be legal? ok, do something, but something smart, try to talk to the government, publish articles about it, i dont know, but dont get 10000 people in a public square smoking marijuana, that’s hardly gonna make any difference in the government thoughts… it’s like trying to make them change their mind about selling alcohol to minors by throwing an 11yearold party with a pool full of beer…

  13. phuphroo says:

    why am i not making myself clear? if there was no prohibition there? would be no exporting of drugs! you cant profit off of something thats legal because there is no risk factor, you dont hear about cartels exporting tobacco or alcohol because those are LEGAL.

  14. phuphroo says:

    …im having a hard time figuring out how you did not get what i just said. If drugs were legal there would be no black market for people to be put into those kinds? of dangerous situations. Also, I hope you realize that America produces most of its own Marijuana, we don’t need to get weed from Latin America. I have a friend who believes the same bs youre trying to tell me and it makes me face palm every time.

  15. Eli Duran says:

    Dude the average person is the market, ergo, they buy it, right? and i dont even know what you’re talking about, i’m not talking about dying because of using drugs, they die that way cause they’re stupid, i’m talking about the people who literaly get slaughtered, shot, beheaded, kidnaped, raped, burnt alive, in order for the narcos of latinamerica to be able to get you your? drugs =)

  16. phuphroo says:

    you sir are a dumbass for putting the blame on the citizens. It is because of? prohibition enforced by the government that people die over cannabis, the average person has nothing to do with it.