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Skip to 2:00 to see guy stand up During the 2011 Vancouver Riot, people were smashing a high-tec mini car with solar panels and etc. A man stops them saying “This is our city, what are you doing?” He gives a good message. They almost fight after I stopped recording them beating the car, but started again when the guy intervened later on i saw the same guy dancing in front on a car fire on TV Aparently he is not the hero he seems ( sent by ryanofborg) i will be uploading more videos of the riot soon Edit: after many views, people have decided to copy my video and post it as their own. Please flag these videos as they have stolen my footage without asking. Thank you #95 – Most Discussed (This Month) – News & Politics – Canada #30 – Most Discussed (This Week) – News & Politics – Canada #13 – Top Favorited (This Month) – News & Politics – Canada #3 – Top Favorited (This Week) – News & Politics – Canada #67 – Top Favorited (This Week) – News & Politics #8 – Top Rated (This Month) – News & Politics – Canada
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  1. Joey Dominguez says:

    one of the best battles i’ve seen in so long… i love both of these poppers so much. dope battle. but i think slim boogie took it? imo. big respect to dino. i love dino!

  2. TheLastonestands says:

    Sept 7th,? 8th and 9th. Last One Stands 2012 in Vancouver 🙂

  3. wujun12345 says:

    Slim boogie first round is damn shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?

  4. Montaser Ahmed says:

    Both? deserve it they simply got it aaaaaaaaaaall

  5. multikobe24bryant says:

    5:09 sexy moves?

  6. BountyLeChocolat says:

    Nice battle? respect !

  7. kkambere11 says:

    you? clearly lack knowledge to call them beginners. they have been in the game probably longer than you, so dont open your mouth when you werent even there

  8. SinistaPinyarda666 says:

    It’s called control mate. Get with the program. If you hit hard the entire? time your set has no where to go. WHere as if you hit soft then you can build and then hit hard. It makes the set more dynamic!!!

  9. fernandog2323 says:

    Salah’s better?

  10. timmypoopoo says:

    lol dumbass?

  11. debopathak says:

    I think Slim took this. I’m probably being biased? though. He worked more levels, was more creative, flowed better, looked a little cleaner than Dino, but Dino was hitting more than Slim and looked like he was fellin’ it a bit more, so it makes sense. I GOTTA KNOW THAT FIRST SONG.

  12. GFIREW says:

    not everything is about robotics and hitting hard, or animation, there are a lot of styles, slim boogie has his own style and dino has a funky style. it would be boring if everyone started doin animation or robotics, and each and everyone is different just like our personality, and when we dance, isn’t that a way to express ourselves?? and not everything has to be a? HARD hit, it’s also about control and finesse and such. not tryna diss you or anything btw, i’m just saying that everyone is diff.

  13. popntod says:

    Both poppers are masters of the hit. Very, very, very far from? beginners. I don’t agree w/ you at all.

  14. Andrey230 says:

    What? a bunch of stupid assholes

  15. MrDragseth says:


  16. LegalizeMarijuanaa says:

    bit. ly/mBzjAG he’s just another? piece of trash.

  17. colby johnson says:

    big fella there needs a skateboard?

  18. paradisegunshot says:

    2:53 I was freaking laughing. She’s like? “mommy i did something wrong today! whoohoo!”

  19. regularguy316 says:

    Where were the police when this was happening? Busy eating donuts at Krispie Kreme? Doesn’t Canada have a national guard where they can be deployed to control these kind? of situations? Or were they waiting for the Americans to come over and help?

  20. livestrong855 says:

    every? country has idiots, and these idiots are caught in camera. Great job, now you’ll get arrested

  21. viciousovertaking says:

    not a smart car… what about the environment.. the polar bears are dying because? of this

  22. Qman716 says:

    im ashamed to be from vancouver because of this?

  23. thepuppetstv says:

    I commend this guy tremendously. Too? bad majority of folks in Vancouver are classless.

  24. Winnipegger101 says:

    40 OZ is a bitch, defending his butt buddy? and using his skateboard

  25. loc dog says:

    watching this again…40 oz..Sticking up? for your bitch?

  26. loc dog says:

    40 OZ YOUR? A PUSSY!

  27. ShotForTheSky says:

    holyshit, that guy posing for pics in? the blue is the president next year for my highschool. lmao.