: ABE & LOCKIN KUAN PRESENTS ::. ” LAST ONE STANDS 2011 ” CANADA VANCOUVER’S BIGGEST BATTLE – POPPING FINAL – Acky VS Dino (Win) Final battle between two of our invited battle guest – Acky from Japan and Dino from China. Dino ended up taking the win for Last One Stands 2011 popping champion. Recap video for LOS is coming up next, subscribe to our channel or visit “Last One Stands – Vancouver’s Biggest Street Dance Competition” on facebook for first hand information and videos.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “LAST ONE STANDS 2011 POPPING FINAL: ACKY(Japan) VS DINO(China)”

  1. candyman111881 says:


  2. TheLastonestands says:

    LAST ONE STANDS 2012 is happening this year September 7th and 8th. Check out our Facebook page? for more information 🙂

  3. FunkinHaze1 says:

    I can’t believe I missed this event? live!

  4. trikiti15 says:

    Acki? win

  5. Synapsisism says:

    Dino kills? so hard, so well timed nothing rushed

  6. Recycled says:

    Stomped! Japan needs to? bring their A-game!

  7. SinistaPinyarda666 says:

    Acky’s boogaloo is off? the chain!!! Sooooo damn good. Dino’s pop control got him in the end though, he has such precise control and hits so damn hard it is an honour to watch. Great battle!

  8. Yonh Lil says:

    Dino? is freakin awsome0

  9. sirlordcomixx1 says:


  10. pozuno says:

    simply one of the dopest popping battles ever.?

  11. garcia59599 says:

    man super dino pops so damn bad ass like i know how to pop and all but like i wish i could pop like him he flows bad ass and he makes it look? so damn easy

  12. popntod says:

    Dino’s ground moves in that last round are some of the best I think I’ve ever seen. Wow.? For real. That was amazing.

  13. RTek110 says:

    there’s so much emotion going on on Dino’s face at? 7:04

  14. javellrx7 says:

    Acky? dance like jazzy j .lol

  15. shoeboy31 says:

    What are the? song names?

  16. Roman1619994 says:

    What? song please