Landyachtz Longboards

Landyachtz Longboards

Landyachtz Longboards are made in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We’ve been around for over 10 years and have over 30 different board shapes and sizes. This is how you shred…

16 Responses to “Landyachtz Longboards”

  1. skateforlife7860 says:

    Depends what you? want to do.

  2. kirin123456798 says:

    as long as its topmounted, not drop? through

  3. NoJokeBoards360 says:

    sick longboarding really liked ur video u should check out my channel called NoJokeBoards360 we just do longboarding reviews and longboarding videos? please like and subscribe thx!!

  4. Long Board says:

    these? guys are amazing

  5. DevinTravisvideos says:


  6. TheEpicWolf Man says:

    it is true? a have a LandYatchtz it is Awesome!!!!! You get so much Speed

  7. umjim says:

    You will NEED gloves.?

  8. IDontAShitGive says:

    one that cant snap in half? when you step on it

  9. halo12345247 says:

    hey guys? im 5’9 and 150 just wondering will i get wheel bit with loose trucks on the switchblade? please reply

  10. 0rhombus says:

    the landyachtz 925? is a sweet board

  11. INF3RNOCLAN says:

    hello everyone i just bought the 2012 36′ drop carve with the snake on the bottom its cool has nice truck and whell set-up thx to Ruins Board Shop in terrace bc i like carving im a beginner and it would be? cool if someone told me how to slide

  12. JGrishProductions says:

    Wait,? sorry I just didnt really understand that. Are you recommending me to get the switch or the switchblade? and what was your new board that you got?

  13. Canadianwidereceiver says:

    @JGrishProductions Hey I’m 14 to and I’m 6″3 175 and i just got a new board and I really like it and it will last long. I would suggest you the Switch? not the 37 thought the real one it’s realy nice. Just a little piece of advice there :p

  14. JGrishProductions says:

    Hey Landyachtz, Im looking for a new board and I don’t know what to get. Im 6′ 2” and im 170 pounds. And i’m only 14 so I will be getting bigger and I need a board that will still fit me. Im new to freeride/downhill but I want to get into it. So for a beginner freeride/downhill rider what board should I get? And considering that I will be getting taller? and fatter.) I’ve been looking at the 9two5, Switchblade, and Wolfshark. But the Wolf is probably too small? Help please!

  15. LBSSmedia says:

    heyy guys id like if you would come and see my channel/videos

  16. bradog99 says:

    sorry we all can’t be bone ass skinny? and that is the average weight for a kid his age dick