Landyachtz Longboards – Micro Monster Hawgs

New to the Monster line up this year is the 63mm Micro Monster. Available in 78a, 80a, and 82a formulas, this wheel is perfect for your smaller boards and fun driven freeriding that still requires some grip through corners. Find it featured on many of our setups this year, or slap a set on your park board to hit the store or make the journey to work a little faster. The Micro Monster will truly be a wheel that is capable of it all. Riders: Charlie Darragh, Dillon Stephens (blue), Pat Schep (green)
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22 Responses to “Landyachtz Longboards – Micro Monster Hawgs”

  1. talltooth says:


  2. toasterstrooodle007 says:

    It means I use my equipment ?

  3. talltooth says:

    lolol what does coring wheels have to do with anything? ive been skating since i was 5 and havent cored? any

  4. 1515hockeyman says:

    Im abour 140lbs, should i get 80a or 82a for fast freeride?

  5. IUseTechDecks says:

    yes, soooo? much fun !!

  6. toasterstrooodle007 says:

    I kept all of my? cored wheels lol

  7. JPTProductionss says:

    are butterballs worth the money like everyone says they? are?

  8. sxemitchell says:

    you? counted?

  9. vixo96 says:


  10. oasislongboarding says:

    Click (show the comment) and? be taken on a journey haha

  11. cozypuppet5 says:

    always? doy.)

  12. cozypuppet5 says:

    you cant drift on? the sticky wheels

  13. 123Donkeys says:

    Letrollish? it sounds a hell of a lot like molly

  14. MKstezze says:

    at 0:39 to 0:44 she sais? 80a and 83a?

  15. Frequentflyyers says:

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  16. LeTrollish says:

    Is that Molly? Lewis?

  17. toasterstrooodle007 says:

    That was a long time ago and those were my 2 brothers?

  18. supersmartfood says:

    yeah? the Call of Duty videos on your channel serve as great support to that claim.

  19. BKBurgerSHOTBK says:

    bearing spacers??

  20. LongboardingBI says:

    you ever tried freeriding 4prez? good? stuff

  21. zombiesh78 says:

    Dunno, but? it’s kinda funny

  22. NTGSA says:

    where is the road at 0:32, whats it called ?????