Landyachtz Longboards – Eh Team Episode 9 – Young Gunz

Landyachtz Longboards Eh Team riders Wolf Coleman and Fernando Yuppie team up to burn some urethane at the Cypress Mountain Access Road in Vancouver BC For more great videos, Subscribe to our Youtube Channel!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Landyachtz Longboards – Eh Team Episode 9 – Young Gunz”

  1. hockeydude673 says:

    fernando on landy? awsome

  2. awesomealbito33 says:

    wolf went? to kits? Thats where im going

  3. DrRoryMagowan says:

    Did Fernando ride for Landyachtz??

  4. haywhatsupdog says:

    Anyone else catch that ass at 0:37??

  5. TheLminchin says:


  6. TheLminchin says:


  7. TheLminchin says:

    I thought it? was pretty funny

  8. GreenLongboarder says:

    why doesn’t? fernando ride landyachtz anymore?

  9. moosejawviczko says:

    mini longboard down? a hill= scetchy

  10. chikiichikiibongbong says:

    its canada its somethig us canadians get used? to

  11. NothingButBullets says:

    I? love the wolfshark :O

  12. Jamie Meadows says:

    0:43 early grab? bigger than adam colton??? :0

  13. abinnzylongboard says:

    up here? in canada my best friends a bear

  14. NothingButBullets says:

    If you? were to run it would provoke it lol

  15. mystersteppviris says:

    i want fernados 9 two 5 graffic skateboard

  16. Ceb195 says:

    I think that’s? the 9two5

  17. Hamstermanify says:

    the? bear is like wtf are you doin

  18. thrustobot22 says:

    mmm girl?

  19. vanskid97 says:

    I would love to be picked up from? school by the eh team!

  20. Longboard914 says:

    0:40 thanks for the? pose 😀