LADY STARLIGHT | Video Interview With

Check out this video interview with Afoot Magazine while Lady Starlight was here for the Monsteball Tour in Vancouver, BC August 24th, 2010. Videography by Orion Croft & Edited by Travis Corcoran. Directed by Dmitri Litvinov. Big thanks to Luvngrace for making this possible!

21 Responses to “LADY STARLIGHT | Video Interview With”

  1. Der Beaverhaus says:

    She’s gay!

  2. PepperMercury says:

    wtf? she’s a? woman, dude.

  3. thekikiofficial says:

    She’s a? drag queen? Or transgender?

  4. collegehippie says:

    Louis? The 14th didn’t have anything to do with the French revolution

  5. Evie Vaughn says:

    I’ve noticed that one of her tags says “Disco Sucks!” Lol, I agree!? 😀

  6. john victor Oetomo says:

    kesemsem? fans gelo

  7. HeavyMetalGaga Lover says:

    i never knew Lady Starlight helped Lady Gaga with her fashion and? stage ideas.

  8. Jared Gelman says:

    terrible? interviewer!

  9. powerfulpowerzz says:

    does she sing or? just DJ?

  10. DollyFanatic says:

    She talks similarly to Gaga…intonation and depth of voice. You can tell they’re Soul Sistas!? So cute!
    And yes, very well educated and, hence, very well spoken.

  11. bucka001 says:

    I’d heard that one of her favorite bands was Van Der? Graaf Generator. This confirms it. Very cool!

  12. Noralieke says:

    I’m gonna cry if she’s not gay. She’s so fabulous. We need? to marry.

  13. yukiyuki2906 says:

    I never? heard her voice and wanted to do so bad!
    Thank you for sharing <3

  14. Rockininthe80s says:

    no, Lady starlight is not gay. she’s? so amazing! I know her personally and so happy that I do. amazing person and amazing dj!

  15. arivia456 says:

    she? has a cool laugh!

  16. omgwtf02 says:

    fffffffff. her voice is like butter.?

  17. littlemonster8824 says:

    shes so cute i mean if there was a? mix of lady gaga and lady starlight that would be a kick ass woman!!

  18. HAUSxxxOFxxxFAME says:

    “and we found out we were both Ladies” haahahaahaahahahah I love that!! lyk? we’re both royalz haha

  19. Nocturnina91 says:

    I freakin’ love her smile :D?

  20. jenniferene says:

    “I was like yeaaaaah smash the state”? She literally couldn’t get any more badass if she tried.

  21. MrsMogg says:

    OMFG – I must say , this rock girl likes this Lady Starlight ….
    SHE IS WEARING a -U-F-O- shirt – KICK ASS !!!

    UFO , Iron Maiden ,? Rush – and I think Lady Gaga rocks too !