Lady GaGa in Vancouver BC Place New Kids Concert The Fame Poker Face Just Dance

Behind the scene exclusive interview with the Fabulous LADY GAGA! She is extremely gifted in both musical talents and just being down with it. She’s not just a pretty face, but has the intellect to go for the Gold. For only being 22 years of age, Lady GaGa is going places! “Be sure to check out her songs Just Dance and Poker Face!” WOW! Just updated January 9, 2009 Lady Gaga and her album “THE FAME” is THE number ONE CD on the charts!!!!!!!!!! And rightly so – So glad we had this opportunity to meet her while she was here in Vancouver. http “Be sure to watch it in HIGH QUALITY if your connection is fast enough” More exclusives coming up, be sure to subscribe!
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Greyhound bus leaves the Pacific Highway border inspection station to proceed north along highway 15 to the Trans-Canda Highway, then west for a quick stop at the Conquitlam Greyhound depot before returning to the highway, First Avenue, and Terminal Avenue to the Pacific Central station in Vancouver.

31 Responses to “Lady GaGa in Vancouver BC Place New Kids Concert The Fame Poker Face Just Dance”

  1. 2phatand2short says:

    I wonder if lady gaga could ever imagine how hugely famous and? popular she would become, come on she is like one of the most famous people on the planet!

  2. mlccharlottex says:

    NOW look at her!? Probably the biggest star on the planet, she’s achieved sooo much. I bet you’re glad you met her now. 😉

  3. zombieslayer9775 says:

    1? lady gaga interview – Did you know I was Italian?……..

  4. twiztedoz13 says:

    Wow she changed her looks? she was way hotter here

  5. johnnyrhodes1 says:

    Lady GAGA I want in a fighting video games, in? mortal a fight between my beloved Mileena

  6. heatherconable says:

    I love that she is? still the same almost 4 years later!!! So much love for her

  7. OmgItsTeera says:

    she had swag before it was a trend.?

  8. YIHYEJIN7Alice says:

    Her voice love?

  9. EyeofGaga1 says:

    Aww baby Gaga!? The real deal

  10. artoffame says:

    Hearing her words..? it’s like i’m hearing myself.

  11. CREELMAN313 says:

    So inspirational! She’s like a mini-buddha… covered in? hair :p

  12. joshuakeller40 says:

    She is so? cute!!!

  13. GeistFright says:

    Make that 4:45?

  14. GeistFright says:

    LOL. Her? doppelganger appears in the background @ 4:47

  15. crypter27 says:

    I would not want that sick bitch singing? to my child.

  16. ghost6813 says:

    Wow she was opening for a band back then… now these? guys must be opening for her.

  17. horatiosiul says:

    this interview makes me cry , it makes me cry because @ 5;24 she give you a simple clue with the tittle of the book . if you read the book you can have some idea how sensitive and smart gaga is in real life . life your live to the fullest …? my god she is so smart …..

  18. LadyLuvlyGaga says:

    she’s very smart and? very powerful…without her DADT very likely wouldn’t have been overturned, likewise gay marriage in NY probably wouldn’t have passed without Gaga’s involvement

  19. MicroOpticKiller says:

    oh oh nice.?

  20. tjroxyoursox says:


  21. jaarmen3 says:

    Nice video,? thanks for sharing it.

  22. GuakiaKe says:

    How long was this? trip? I have read a lot of awful reviews about Greyhound buses.

  23. MsMakeamark says:

    interesting video……OMG do some of you people even know how to speak english? White trash country? What does that even mean??? LOL The only illegal fruit is you dude.

  24. Brian211978 says:

    only 2 lanes on the whatever? they call interstates there? Dang…must be congested traffic

  25. Brian211978 says:

    how long did the? deceleration of your items take?

  26. Flyermac says:

    What a debaaaaaaaaauch… So the? entrance of the city now is a Vancouverstan!

  27. Romariozzzzzz says:

    How much time did it take? you to Vancouver?

  28. tolsam1 says:

    Thanks for the video. It feels like I’m inside the? bus too.

  29. pg86 says:

    Oh man…Are there a lot of hills in Vancouver?…I drive a stick shift and I? wanted to visit here for spring break The level of paranoia goes up when I see massive hills :/

  30. Novabus9228 says:

    Hey, I recognize this driver!. Ive had him twice on my Greyhound trips between Vancouver? and Seattle,

  31. HomeskooledVideo says:

    you must be another? torontonian with an inferiority complex.