Kyprios – How the West was One ft. Global Morning News

Kyprios joins the Global BC Morning News crew to sing “How The West Was One” Go Canucks Go!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Kyprios – How the West was One ft. Global Morning News”

  1. ivanhenry2010 says:

    What did? Kristi say December 18th, 2006, by a suggestion to I.H. “Go in like a lion come out like a lamb.” Well they certainly did go out 2012, like sissy’s stuck on trying to be physical.

  2. mwest70 says:

    wesla is? hot

  3. skexee says:

    Shut up? wesla is hot.

  4. mikeschmeee says:

    Global new girls are hot :)?

  5. woahitscarolly says:

    lol? to bad you lost.

  6. carla531 says:

    41? years now.

  7. lesgj says:

    Well made video! ! Not a big hockey fan but this year was Xciting! I still think the Canucks are tops!?

  8. lesgj says:

    Home ice! I thought sure they had it! And all the fans they had! Guess they didn’t see or hear the fans and they gave the game away! Just? gave it away!

  9. lesgj says:

    Good one! It? does not matter if the Canucks lost 8-1 …. let’s not get stuck in that. That happened, nothing we can do about it. Focus on the solution and not on the problem!

  10. DigiDude22 says:

    So this how the West was Won…. I Never thought it would be like that… Who am I kidding??? Of course that’s how it happened….

  11. Chibob55 says:

    Oh this is lamer than the? Olympic cheer

  12. the70oojudge says:

    Great vid you guys!!? From Kamloops

  13. boneyjoanie says:

    Love it you guys!!! Wesla worked it. And so she should! Good job. Lots of fun and good for hyping up? before the game tonight!!!!!

  14. jeandacu says:


    i like watching you wesla, you`re god… enjoy? the whole gang too!

  15. Epyx911 says:

    Wesla…you’re? hot…that’s the opinion I am entitled to 🙂

    The crew did a great job on this!

  16. Edwinward says:

    Thank you for sparing us the image of Steve dancing in? a green-man leotard. Once in a lifetime is enough.

  17. madlinda53 says:

    You? guys do an awesome job.