KTS: “Let It Snow” – A Little Holiday Cover with Kina Grannis!

Had a chance to hang with the amazingly amazing Kina Grannis a few days ago… we decided to do this lovely little holiday song for y’all. Hope you enjoy, fam! Peace, love and lol. ———- Kina Grannis! – twitter.com – youtube.com ———- GABE BONDOC LIVE! AN ACOUSTIC EXPERIENCE VANCOUVER, BC – 12/26/11 The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage gabebondoc.com SEATTLE, WA – 12 The Benaroya Hall gabebondoc.com Bring a friend, let’s all hang out! (There will absolutely be a “meet and greet”, I’m not leaving without meeting you awesome people. Let’s take a picture, yea?) ———- Twitter! http Facebook! www.facebook.com Tumblr! gabebondoc.tumblr.com BigCartel! gabebondoc.bigcartel.com ———- “The Loar” – LH600 Archtop Guitar… such an incredible look and sound. Please take a moment to check them out. I’m sure you’ll love ’em! – theloar.com ———- KoAloha Ukulele… beautiful, hand-made instruments! – http ———- Need recording gear? Apogee Digital. Frankly, they’re the best. (Try the Duet, ONE and/or GiO!) Check them out! Click, click, click! – apogeedigital.com ———-

22 Responses to “KTS: “Let It Snow” – A Little Holiday Cover with Kina Grannis!”

  1. musicmaker838 says:

    they would make the? cutesttt couple 😛

  2. angel delrosario says:

    is it just me or kina’s shirt is ripped? :)) 1:36?

  3. zionJeon says:

    is it just me? or does this vid remind u of the times when yt had snowflakes XDD

  4. j1m007 says:

    anyone know the chords or tabs for? this? 🙂

  5. discofever88 says:

    Oh? Gosh!!! both of you shut have a christmas album!!!

  6. MrXboxaj says:

    He’s so? amazing…

  7. TheBearSensation says:

    looks like porn to me.? lol.

  8. Hannah Grey says:

    I’m watching? this in July… wow.

  9. ARedhdQT says:

    Please do more? songs with Kina!!!

  10. jieungreen says:

    0:40-0:42. I love how their heads move? together. ??

  11. imguseulChoi says:


  12. 8250764 says:

    She is so pretty and she can sing damn # Dream? Girl

  13. jenel123456 says:


  14. sabdelro says:


  15. ChocolatTherapy says:

    the snow button? is gone D=

  16. Quinten Wells says:

    Welp it’s official……. this? is what Christmas is all about, Gabe and Kina

  17. katietoww says:

    watching this in June for like the tenth time. they? are still so adorable!

  18. kimneufseventyone says:

    They should date … ?

  19. Janope96 says:

    they? should have kids

  20. Mattdelux07 says:


  21. tee23en says:

    on one hand? this is an awesome cover but on the other hand i hate you to death because you’re with kina *jealous face*

  22. lolgerman02 says:

    even though i’d like gabe for myself,? please make beautiful musical babies.