KLM MD-11 Full flight AMS-YVR

KLM MD-11 Full flight AMS-YVR

Take-off : 01:55 – Climb : 3:44 -Cruise over greenland : 07:08 -Cruise over Rocky mountains : 09:30 -Approach : 10:30 -Final approach : 15:08 My first flight in a McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Flight with KLM from AMS Amsterdam Holland to YVR Vancouver Canada Full video flight : Take off, cruise and landing PH-KCK (Ingrid Bergman) 1st, we flying over iceland, greenland and Canada prairies Date : 16.10.2011
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One Riddim from Vancouver, Canada
Video Rating: 5 / 5

24 Responses to “KLM MD-11 Full flight AMS-YVR”

  1. oliverjumelle says:

    did you? fly over ireland?

  2. pacificbound67 says:

    Next to the Alps, the Rockies are the most beautiful on the planet.? A great capture of a truly fabulous aircraft.I thank you for the trip!

  3. water892 says:

    Good? songs!

  4. drome123 says:

    I flew in MD-11 back in 2009 to YUL…that was fullfiling of one of my? secret dream…simply a wonderful airplane…

  5. kevinmohlen13 says:

    Nice, on 03.57 you can see? under the wing a vilage, thats where i live 🙂

  6. kevinmohlen13 says:

    Taking of runway 24-06 Kaagbaan?

  7. kevinmohlen13 says:


  8. horesvinet says:

    that depends on? the airline what they are being replaced with.. many airlines go for the new 787’s and a350’s because they are the future 🙂

  9. CaptainSazzman says:

    They? are still flying BUT they are no longer in production and are being retired as airlines replace them with A320s and 737s

  10. SWA899 says:


  11. horesvinet says:

    i don’t think that.. the design is clever but there is no future in 3 and 4 engined planes.. the only reason why the a380 and the 747 is being made with 4 engines is becuase they wouldn’t be able to fly with 2.. you can aslo see around the world that? the a340 is dying out in favour to the 787 and a350

  12. SkuIIKicker says:

    Yeah that’s right, but I think that they’d still be produced if Boeing didn’t take over? MD.

  13. horesvinet says:

    that has nothing to do with how many of? them are flying today..? there is still a lot of md-80/87’s and so on flying today..

  14. SWA899 says:

    and because McDonnell douglas was? bought

  15. horesvinet says:

    80’s* 😀 and it have had a few crashes but nothing compared to the 747 🙂 but as mentioned before the? reason why they are not really being used anymore is because they use yoo much fuel in perstective to how much money they earn on a flight..

  16. SWA899 says:

    lol? ok 🙂

  17. iLikeCheeseziez says:

    Haha, it’s not? a problem mate 😉

  18. SWA899 says:

    cool? sorry about the misspelling

  19. iLikeCheeseziez says:

    Schiphol,? yeah.

  20. TheGreatFSXFlyer says:

    Great Video!:)?

  21. Celindy O says:

    I miss you man!!? The road is not the same without you there to sing with me!!

  22. Sobair Osmanzai says:

    Excellent Video!

  23. Prodigiot21 says:

    Awesome song and great video to? go along with it! 🙂

  24. burkevilleproduction says:

    Great Tune!? love it.