Killer Whales and Kayakers off Sooke, British Columbia. *EDITED VERSION*

This is the edited version of the popular “They’re All Around Us” Video. This video highlights all the action of this AMAZING kayaking experience off the west coast of British Columbia. It starts off kayaking off Sooke, BC when all of a sudden we are surrounded by Orcas swimming all around. The whales are everywhere. There were Killer Whales farther out, closer to shore and whales swimming right under our boat. The experience watching a Killer Whale come up to the boat, dive under your boat and seeing them under the water is something else. For the full length video, please click here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jason Mraz - Beautiful Mess - Whistler BC

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

37 Responses to “Killer Whales and Kayakers off Sooke, British Columbia. *EDITED VERSION*”

  1. Tazzyfish says:

    Beautiful! I work on one of the whale watch boats in the area, and it really makes me smile to hear people so happy and excited around these animals. Thanks for sharing your OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing experience with the southern residents! So? so so so so cool.

  2. D7V5 says:

    Great big? whales. Please, check out my whales song browsing “D7V5” (channel) or “Ladies of the Ocean Great Big Whales” (song) Thanks d7v5.

  3. SilverGoldfish4049 says:

    Ahhh you’re livin’? my dream, man, that’s awesome!

  4. MrSnubzy says:

    sharks and killer whales.. i always think i will see one when i am paddling offshore in my tarpon 160 sot, but never have. hope i never do either. would be easy for them to nudge and knock you out in a sot?

  5. Calvino164 says:

    lol HOLY GRAPES like this if u likr? grapes (:

  6. zirtavia says:

    Oh my god!! Ruffles at? 2:16. RIP, you shockingly large animal.

  7. Angieblah says:

    Looks like those Whales may? have known they were putting on a show.

  8. zayawashere1 says:

    lol? at his laughing.

  9. Obzy666 says:

    Thats pretty cool…. terrifying, something i could never do (not that im necessarily afraid of orcas, more so? sharks) but damn, that looks fun

  10. KATIEnew04 says:

    They? sound Canadian eh? lol jk

  11. TheLeilisa says:

    swimming would help you? grow taller ?

  12. ksolly365 says:

    holy grapes! LOL ?

  13. TheChalkychalk says:

    Thats one hell of a? beautiful serene place.

  14. DiscoverSooke says:

    It’s okay, I hate spiders and I wouldn’t be caught dead having those underneath me, unless? it’s my shoe.

  15. theraVen27 says:

    my worst fears? all right there.

  16. singlespeeddotorg says:

    They were probably? checking out the fins of he Mirage Drive – could make you look a bit like a seal…

  17. Dominic Borboa says:

    Toca has practically been influencing jason’s music since? the beginning anyway!

  18. Dimples Ruanto says:

    Gaaaahhh I’m inlove!!! <3? <3 <3

  19. Nyrrew says:

    0 dislikes, what? perfection is

  20. JordieYose says:

    almost all of jason mraz’s video got? no dislike.

  21. TheOnlyLem0n says:

    6:30 to 6:40 Amazing.?

  22. TheOnlyLem0n says:

    6:30 ? Perfect, no words.

  23. mulobimbim says:

    The man playing drum ;)?

  24. mulobimbim says:

    The man playing drum ;)?

  25. ussamizauddah7772002 says:

    toca rivera is the percussionist? er the “bro’ of jason…

  26. MrCatchah says:

    who’s TOKA? ?

  27. hibsparkie says:

    he is so damn cute!!! you just can’t help fall for him and his music which is so good, and it is such a pitty that is not coming to latinamerica specially? Colombia 🙁 I’m dying to see him live

  28. Lukey1390 says:

    I’m from Brazil. If it wasn’t because of the Easter Holiday, my friend? and I would play a pack of Jason Mraz’ songs at a Square near my house. This is more than inspiration, this is a life lesson 😉 cheers, Mraz lovers!

  29. mrlufine says:

    awesome?why can’t write chinese here?

  30. ianarriola says:

    yeah he’s awesome. but just want to tell you that he did not played the last part wrong dude. it’s really played like that. better watch his other videos? of this song so you’ll know.

  31. michangelic says:

    Vaya sencibilidad? de Jason…!!! Totalamente asombroso…!!!

  32. obengv says:

    when? will you stop being awesome?

  33. st00f says:

    ToCa has been with him for more than 10 years, I think it was much cooler back in the? day!

  34. coreytravisbean says:

    He never fails to blow my mind, not just? with his music but his happiness and energy. Let’s all hope its contagious.

  35. hashashine111 says:

    Jason and Toca are together since the beginning. But you? are right 😉

  36. katmahon says:

    he? is a beautiful, beautiful man.

  37. rkappra says:

    I love the close up shot. How lucky to be that close to greatness!?