Kevin Busscher Dynamic without Fins Record

Kevin Busscher Dynamic without Fins Record

Kevin Busscher on a 111m Dynamic Apnea without Fins record at the CAFA Western Regional Competition, May 27, 2007 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

13 Responses to “Kevin Busscher Dynamic without Fins Record”

  1. python1996 says:

    Great, i’ve just started doing this and so far i’m getting to about 50. thanks alot, so far? i’ve just been holding my breath and kicking like crazy but i think i can learn alot from this vid.

  2. khawass says:

    Agree with Lakemount1, plus he speed up at the end of the dive…very? dangerous and doesn’t get you further…

  3. djgrahamwood says:

    Good dive this, although I agree with Lakemount1, this guy keeps looking forward. Relax and enjoy the dive, the bottom of the pool indicates the distance from each? end of the pool, so no need to be looking forward as much. Quality form on the strokes and kicks too, Im pretty sure you can go much further than this!!

  4. grahcho says:

    My best is 75m.Thou i did 80m whit colapsing at the end , nice there was guy to save me :-).DOnt do? this alone!!!

  5. blahyourhamster says:

    Look at the? state he was in after that… I can do 50m, and that’s pushing it.

  6. anopmen says:

    Those r Sum Biq? Lightz

    iCan Only Do About A 50m

  7. jypark02 says:

    Good Job!
    I can swim just 25 meters under water with? goggles.

  8. clownbasket says:

    In 1987 I could routinely swim over 100 meters in a 50 meter pool in? this fashion…and do 125 yards in a 25 yard pool. My best was probably about 120 meters in the 50 meter pool. No help, no wet suit, just goggles and a speedo.

  9. Lakemount1 says:

    Less weight, and? stop looking forward constantly. Then this guy will go much further. As it is now, he sinks down and have to use more power to move forward. When he looks forward, the receptors in the throat will trigger contractions much earlier. Search for Anders Larsson DNF at youtube or check out my videos and you will see a 145 meter dive.

  10. roskapoiakk says:

    He has too much weights. He has to fight to keep himself not touching the bottom?

  11. zerotoxico says:

    Pianosoul75? hows your static?

  12. flowdynamic says:

    ha ha.. “it seems that he should be able to go further”.. but I will say he pushed off? the wall a couple of times.. I swim in a 134m pool so I wonder how far he’d have been able to go without pushing off the wall so many times.. Still mad respect.. loves the sport like we do!!

  13. philum5 says:

    25metre pool i notice. try doin? it in a 50 meter one