Kelowna, BC – Tourism Video. Visit Kelowna BC in the Okanagan Valley.

Video of Kelowna, BC produced by Tourism Kelowna and now showing at the Vancouver International Airport and various other locations. Golf courses, wineries, the lake, countless beaches and so much more to do. A glimpse of all that Kelowna has to offer! Visit Kelowna: Join us on Twitter and Facebook:

12 Responses to “Kelowna, BC – Tourism Video. Visit Kelowna BC in the Okanagan Valley.”

  1. lainymc1 says:

    Proud to say this is my original home. I miss very much!?

  2. CapChronic says:

    I thought that was Vancouver and not just in Canada either nation wide… According to? the list of most livable city’s anyway.

  3. NationalPro says:

    born n raised,? best city in canada

  4. TourismKelowna says:

    msg response sent? to email

  5. TourismKelowna says:

    msg sent to? ZenLay1968 email

  6. ZenLay1968 says:

    I’m moving their this summer and I’m really excited! =D I have a lot of questions for the locals out there and I hope somone would be willing to respond to this comment. (kindly that is)

    1. How are the job opportunities out there?
    2. How is the climate; how much sun, rain, snow, ect do you get anually?
    3. Is Kelowna a socially liberal or conservative area?
    4. Is their an active gay scene (yes I’m gay ^^ )?
    5. Does the lake? have any nasty creepy crawlies in it? >.< Peace ^w^

  7. inflamespwn says:

    awww i? miss big white

  8. OKVR says:

    Lived in lots of places in the world, but nothing beats Kelowna and the Okanagan, this? is the best place on Earth

  9. ACjazzRules says:

    That’s a pretty awesome? video!!!

  10. TheSapple says:

    i live there and i have done all the stuff? in the video

  11. knytebyte says:

    I was there yesterday? and the weather was incredible…+34c ….Canada Eh?

  12. johncare says:

    wow i hv freinds holidaying there this ? weekend