Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise At Alices Tea Cup in New York City

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise At Alices Tea Cup in New York City

Katie Holmes and Suri along with a group of Family and friends arrive at Alices Tea Cup for Lunch

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36 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise At Alices Tea Cup in New York City”

  1. peach12294 says:

    Suri is like Kim Kardashian except the kind who does not like being? bothered.

  2. MissBeautyBelle24 says:

    It was so funny when the paparazzi kept saying,? “Suri, no flash!!!”

  3. MrGscp says:

    For all the people below, who do you guys think told the? paparazzi where they are going to be ??

  4. leotooden says:

    I know I am almost in tears when I see her videos and she looks very scared and overwhelmed.? I understand she is the daughter of Tom cruise but Papz needs to chill out. She does not ask for fame and obviously does not like pictures despite being so adorable.

  5. victoriaindigo says:

    The paps were saying ‘no flash’, they were trying to be courteous to? Suri by not using the flash on their cameras. I don’t think for a minute Suri is scared, she is just a brat and wants to get her own way.

  6. Aman Deep says:

    y u no leave her? she is scared u samm people and cameramans

  7. trudon says:

    poor girl?

  8. Prettyredflames says:

    That little girl is terrified of the cameras. Her parents should be ashamed of parading her I front of the cameras, also, grown men shouting? out “we love you suri” to a 6 year old really do sound like dirty old perverts.

  9. MultiUlme says:

    I don’t like that they treat her In this way. First of all she is a little child who? has the right to have a childhood. Second of all she has not choosen this life style, but have had it forced upon her by her will. The parents can have the paparazzi but not the child.

  10. Andrea Jefferson says:


  11. funnyshit194 says:

    no offence but? there’s nothing professional about stalking and photographing people.

  12. ThatsSoTrue21 says:

    It’s sad that a child like Suri has to literally hide her face when out in public. I get it’s? the paparazzi’s “job” and all, but they should give her a break. It’s cute yet sad when she burries her face in the stuffed animal.

  13. 247paps says:

    We understand that it might be upsetting, but? the story of the divorce is so big we have to cover Katie and Suri constantly. We all are aware she is a young girl and try our best to stay as far from her as possible

  14. nfcoard says:

    The paparazzie ARE the most evil people? on this earth. That and the top 3% wealthiest people in the world.

  15. leo505050 says:

    Poor kid! Having to hide her face cause of paps at that age! Yeah Katie wanted to be? a Celebrity but Suri didn’t she has no choice! There should be a law for celeb kids who don’t want to be followed by scum paps, for them (paps) to stay away from them.

  16. Blake Liam Monzon says:

    My heArt melt when I saw suri trying to? hid her face using her stuff toy,i know this is papz job but just saying,suri might be very upset about people taking her pic…she is so cute though:)

  17. vxENVYxv says:

    I was on? that ship

  18. IamNinjaMaterial says:

    such perfect? teeth

  19. oBruzin says:

    i’ll? pee on your face

  20. TheProhne says:

    She’s fine y0?

  21. afropkerztutorials says:

    just? wondering how much that cruise costs.. :S

  22. TawpDog says:


  23. 1337Shaz says:

    Grrrr 8:55 (she? want sex)

  24. TehFlyaah says:

    He kinda looks like G-Eazy lol.?

  25. PandoraMuslc says:


  26. EthEdits says:

    your girlfriend reminds me of jim’s wife off american pie:L?

  27. sirgunor007goodshoot says:

    ”ill? pee on your face” lol

  28. aStarvinPanda says:

    I feel like a 3rd wheel? watching this ,’-,’

  29. xXFoRtEnDeRXx says:

    oops? 4:47

  30. TheBloodexX says:

    Baker is the happys boy ever? 😉

  31. byAdahpt says:

    Baker? Mackin at 5:23

  32. CraftzFX says:

    you can? do that to me anyday 9:17

  33. CraftzFX says:

    if she was? british….

  34. MrGGMonument says:

    0:37 that? ass on mrs baker. mmmm 😛

  35. michaelstarbuck1 says:

    4:46…..o? ya

  36. TenjiEditing says: