Kate & Abby’s Road Trip

After the winter I packed up camp, flew to San Francisco to meet Kate and we road tripped up the north west coast of the States, into Canada and through British Columbia and back to Fernie. Fun Times!

West Coast Tour of Awesome: Episode Five

Episode One: www.youtube.com Episode Two: www.youtube.com Episode Three: www.youtube.com Episode Four: www.youtube.com Juicetra – www.youtube.com Will – vimeo.com Captain Sparklez – www.youtube.com John – www.youtube.com Tegen – www.youtube.com Intro Song Artist – www.youtube.com Graphics – www.youtube.com Papa Jared – www.playblacklight.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Kate & Abby’s Road Trip”

  1. CmenDemons says:

    i wish i? had friends…

  2. kamilian17 says:


  3. kamilian17 says:


  4. shinjanaytor says:

    This was a cool miniseries. Loved the intro music, anyone know what song it? was?

  5. lopoke89 says:

    Next time, the east coast.?

  6. mstatercakes says:

    I’ve been a fan of SeaNanners and Captain Sparkles for a long? time, just started following Juicetra a couple of weeks ago. This was a great series and very well done. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  7. GlasklartWolf says:

    U should go to Singapore the people there are so? kind

  8. Fancy Fiq says:

    you got to go at Malaysia it’s so awesome? place!
    i has been there for vocation!

  9. Pallesnik says:

    You should go to europe!!!!

  10. Rexchung9o210 says:

    VANCOUVER!!!! Yay:)?

  11. GDCGreen1 says:

    Only? 46 dislikes,makes perfectly sence 😛

  12. Frost Fangz says:

    Juicetra! your cat looks just like mine :3?

  13. TheBoom3100 says:

    @VoiceOfLebanon My thoughts exactly then? juicetra would complain about how hot it is here