Karma Police – Gianni and Sarah (Radiohead Loop Cover)

iTunes Link: bit.ly CD Baby Link: bit.ly WOTE and Beard Guy shirts and undies!!! – click here: bit.ly Gianni Luminati and Sarah Blackwood perform a loop cover of Radiohead’s “Karma Police”. Walk Off The Earth’s new EP “REVO” is available for pre-order right now! Follow this link for details: smarturl.it Fall tour dates (US only) are ALSO available for pre-order! Follow THIS link for details: smarturl.it WOTE TOUR DATES! TICKET LINKS: October 24 — Buffalo, NY goo.gl October 25 — New Haven, CT goo.gl October 26 — Boston, MA goo.gl October 27 — Towson, MD goo.gl October 28 — Philadelphia, PA goo.gl October 30 — Pittsburgh, PA goo.gl October 31 — New York, NY goo.gl November 02 — Cincinnati, OH goo.gl November 03 — Chicago, IL goo.gl November 04 — Grand Rapids, MI goo.gl November 06 — Nashville, TN goo.gl November 07 — Birmingham, AL goo.gl November 08 — Atlanta, GA goo.gl November 09 — Orlando, FL goo.gl November 10 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL goo.gl November 21 — Calgary, AB goo.gl November 22 — Edmonton, AB goo.gl November 25 — Vancouver, BC goo.gl November 26 — Seattle. WA goo.gl November 28 — Portland, OR goo.gl November 29 — San Francisco, CA goo.gl November 30 — Los Angeles, CA goo.gl December 1 — Santa Ana, CA goo.gl This video was shot at B-Town Sound recording studio in Burlington Ontario, Canada with the help of some good friends: Joel Cassady Shameless James Guilly Travis Cadeau To watch the behind the scenes video, and to see how this was shot

14 Responses to “Karma Police – Gianni and Sarah (Radiohead Loop Cover)”

  1. lingo929 says:

    why did you change the “her hitler hair do is making me feel sick”? lyric??

  2. lordgutbucket16 says:


  3. BuzzingFridge says:

    How can you say that when you haven’t heard the original? Not that this? is bad but you can’t simply say Radiohead’s original version is less good.

  4. ForsakenEternally says:

    Oh my goodness… That was beautiful. I’m about to cry, which I never do. :’) You two have such talent.? Let’s see… I think you two would make an amazing cover to “Sex & Candy” by Marcy Playground. Um… “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden would be great for you guys. Oh! It’d be interesting for you to do “AM 180” by Grandaddy… Enough of me suggesting though. I’d just like you to know how good you two do. This Karma Police cover was the absolute best cover I’ve ever listened to. Please try more!

  5. TonyTooMellow says:

    Walk of the Earth? – Smooth like stone on a beach

  6. Fariass00 says:

    I think a Muse cover would be awesome. You are extremely criative, and when you’re playing a song which’s totally different from your style it reaches? it’s top, as Karma Police showed. Congratulations from a brazilian new fan 😀

  7. John Fritzgerlad says:


  8. Angie Turner says:

    I never fail to be amazed at the fact that they do most of these in one? take…

  9. João Santiago says:

    no, the original? is just amazing, but this is pretty good too

  10. juligindahouse says:

    I don’t? know the original nevertheless I’m sure this version sounds better 🙂

  11. 2000mimi1 says:


  12. TheDarknessGates says:

    Se serait super que vous? jouiez Let’s get it started Des Back eyed Peas

  13. Ella BLue says:

    i hope ill be? allowed to see them when they come to pittsburgh 🙂

  14. kantpaavctafemme says:

    bohemian !!!!