Kane Tombstones Shane on Steel Steps 8/4/03

August 4, 2003 Vancouver, BC, Canada Can’t remember if we had already uploaded this or if it was removed but nevertheless, one of unmasked Kane’s finest moments!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Kane Tombstones Shane on Steel Steps 8/4/03”

  1. JamessyBoii95 says:

    This kane vs brock lesnar?

  2. ItsTimeIDisappear09 says:

    Holy hell Kane was? such a true monster those few months after he unmasked

  3. TheVampManson says:

    Better than Johnny Ace.?


    Sign of the video: homicide Hebner. They’re in? Canada

  5. secret10243 says:

    Bischoof super mastermind?

  6. AveryGaricaFinal says:

    I love this? match right here and i know everyone is going to hate me but i use to like Eric Bischoff back then now

  7. TimelessEndless says:

    Kane should have kept that suit. WWE should have pushed this character, it would have been fine. Instead? they ruined it also.

  8. eyesack9 says:

    He’s on TNA? now

  9. TheRealGrandGoon says:

    There is no longer a mystery. We know how he looks. Bringing back the mask will not change anything. He will still job to people because he’s had his time. He’s willing to put younger talent over. I love Kane, but even if they bring back the mask,? simply put, he will just be a semi-fat, bald, and jobbing monster.

  10. younghov4u says:

    Shane would make? a pretty good boxer

  11. RobTheBernardinosaur says:

    LOL shane was actually punching bischoff in the face for? a sec

  12. lulu3000yt says:

    i like kane! is ccccccccooooooooooooooooool like? that!

  13. BrandTanooki says:

    We need? Bischoff back.

  14. Leummoht says:

    Poster reads “Dwanye? Johnson Sucks”.
    If only he knew that there would be someone in the future by the name of John Cena.

  15. frtknokr says:

    lol @ you don’t know anything about? Karate, you just have a black belt in mouth!!

  16. CodyT3212 says:

    Ah…when Raw? was great.

  17. Kfowlkes09 says:


    Kane tombstoned Linda? McMahon; that was the start.