Justin Bieber Exclusive Believe Interview part 2

Justin Bieber hangs out at the KIIS FM studio and talks about his favorite things, having a country accent, getting tackled by a fan, working with Drake & Big Sean and sings a Capella!

18 Responses to “Justin Bieber Exclusive Believe Interview part 2”

  1. brenae2016 says:

    i love how even though he has to constantly sing at shows and in the studio he never gets tired of it…he just randomly sings when he isnt even working…shows how much he truly loves it<3?

  2. ichabiebs9497 says:

    justin bieber is so funny! i love? him!

  3. MyAshleygarcia says:

    I was like 3 feet and she was? like 9 feet XD ADORABLE !

  4. YdersLe says:

    Just marry me? justin !! ….?

  5. ilovejustinbieb7222 says:

    hes so cute when he says “save a horse, ride a cowboy. Yeehh-hoo”? 1:49

  6. oliviasoupmaster says:

    i? loved that part

  7. oliviasoupmaster says:

    omg? i think i died <3

  8. Becky25270 says:

    hey justin? yu rock

  9. MuzikLover358 says:

    his laugh is so cute in the beginning ?.
    hes se’cute (;
    i looooove him ?. [;?

  10. blondekidd23 says:

    Shirt? Brand???

  11. Lumy peter says:

    *_* <3?

  12. Juelmay formyfans says:


  13. JiilDah says:


  14. KennedyLovly says:

    i love Justin always have always will? , he is just so perfect , the love and care he has for all his fans <3 amazing Forever & Always #BELIEBER <3

  15. Beagleloverfb98 says:

    Tim Hortons Represent? (Y)

  16. laceyloohooable says:

    I dont know who is crazier, the girl who? attacked hime or Mariah…

  17. mskahla1 says:

    our relationship is so secret he doesnt even know o_o? xD JK

  18. NaomiJustBeing says:

    omg why do people say he isn’t good live??