Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant

Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant Reviews

551 Howe Street
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (95 Reviews)

Review by Julie W.
This is one of my go to places for lunch when I’m working.

Once I cut out all meat, with the exception of fish once in awhile, I realized that most…
Rating: 4

Review by Nathaniel B.
I love the breadth of the menu. My girlfriend loves to eat pho, and I love breakfast. This is the only place downtown that serves both in the same…
Rating: 4

Review by Katie T.
I really like Joyeaux and have come here several times to eat or to get their freshly squeezed juices.

I recommend the chicken pho, seafood pho, and the…
Rating: 4