Jonita Gandhi – Kabhi Sham Dhale – Feb 12 2010

Jonita Gandhi - Kabhi Sham Dhale - Feb 12 2010

Singer Jonita Gandhi performing the song “Kabhi Sham Dhale” from the Bollywood film “Sur” at “Dil Se – Valentines Dinner & Dance.” Presented by United Promotions. Royale Banquet Hall, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Feb 12, 2010. Bass: Newton Desouza. Keys: Pinda. Posted with permission from Jonita Gandhi. Royal Banquet Hall, Vancouver.

At long last, here is the behind-the-scenes glimpse on how UBC LipDub came to be. Current UBC LipDub View Sponsor: SMYTHE RADCLIFFE ACCOUNTANTS Special thanks to Paul Weston and David Bolen. (C) 2011 Jab Rewind Productions Ltd.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

41 Responses to “Jonita Gandhi – Kabhi Sham Dhale – Feb 12 2010”

  1. ghsdsd1 says:

    I think I’m in? love with her 😐

  2. abhishekchauhan1981 says:

    WOW? !!!!beautiful

  3. Muhammad Rafii Mirza says:

    Beautiful Song really, well done Jonita jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Excellent? performance

  4. tarun aggarwal says:

    johita you truly rock
    firstly your song yeh hosla made me crazy about your voice and now this song will truly make me mad about? your voice

  5. fjiboy says:

    My goal is to c? u performance live someday

  6. Albert Morrison says:

    surely a good voice but where the music of this song is? going?first 1:40 minutes music not the one I like…On the whole a good effort…keep it up…

  7. sheenuwithmaria says:

    gr8 voice but only 1 thing wrong? was that she must have learnt the song before performing instead of looking at the laptop again n again

  8. meekobansal says:


  9. TheLegence says:

    love creeps? in every time 😉

  10. spider123666 says:

    her voice and? dressing is awesome!!!! music provided is CRAP!!!!

  11. mrmartial says:

    great great? intro

  12. Mohammed Muslim Nakhuda says:

    All i can say that a pretty girl who sings like a bird,you have a? bright future baby 😛

  13. Faisal Muneer says:

    khatam. zabardast. v nice .awesome typ voice n look like . love? u Miss.

  14. RAVISAHNI1000 says:

    @? I LOVE U @ kabhi saam dhale to mere dil mai aa jana.

  15. RAVISAHNI1000 says:

    you r? soo cute. i love u and your voice….

  16. TheAdityabhandari says:

    she’s as pretty as? her voice…..

  17. ImtiazHisbani says:

    gr8 keep it? up

  18. terminal105 says:

    true,? that synth player killed all the joy

  19. Sashi Gupta says:

    really want to hug JONITA for sing this heart touching song……..
    :’) I? love this song

  20. Gulfam Fidato says:


  21. raden firman says:

    i? like jonita gandhi

  22. blondie12394 says:

    I legit thought this? was all done in one take… and it blew my mind.

  23. bluemuffinsentertain says:

    Josh at 2:57.? I love him…..

  24. moses camargo says:

    im 14 and this is makeing thank? about i want to go to ubc

  25. collin1000 says:

    “Major Changes” How I Met? Your Mother joke FTW.

  26. weerock619 says:

    WOW…………………..THAT WAS? AWSOME

  27. greenisawsome3 says:


  28. Juantonomobay says:

    1:16 dude totally kept trying to get her boobs? 😉

  29. SargentClan1999 says:


  30. EmiLovesParamore says:

    Oh Josh, we? love you :’)

  31. 93webkinz says:

    Oh I love JOSH..!!? He is so hott!

  32. SinsUponSins says:

    When we ain’t got snow, we still be snow boarding.. <3?
    Thumbs up for Canada!

  33. tbseuss says:

    EverythingFilm youtuber-director at? 4:27 and as Winnie the Poo. LMFAO

  34. ThatOneKid1210 says:

    hahahah josh? 2:57

  35. WeirdAlysa says:

    lol! How BAD do you have to suck if you’re singing off? cue when the song is playing in the background??

  36. kimtsan says:

    GaaaAAAH WINNIE THE POOH! 4:56!!!!?

  37. itsCLICHE says:

    @MsMtrenchgirl yeah, universities and colleges are kinda like reversed in the states? and canada. in canada, university’s more theoretical and you can get a degree in something, whereas in college, it’s more practical and hands-on, and rather than a degree, you get a diploma.

  38. wafflesforsteph says:

    Where is the original ubc? lipdub video?? I can’t find it!

  39. iloveasians00 says:

    the flash mob part is so? cute, they look like little bugs ^.^

  40. coolman154 says:

    @MsMtrenchgirl yeah, im from vancouver, my sister goes to UBC. yeah, here college doesn’t have a very big campus, but university? campuses are like whole cities.

  41. coolman154 says:

    @MsMtrenchgirl university?