John Shook v. William Lane Craig Debate: “Does God Exist?”

Part 2/2 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Sponsored by Campus for Christ at UBC
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18 Responses to “John Shook v. William Lane Craig Debate: “Does God Exist?””

  1. watty024 says:

    craig says the atheist has no basis to say what is right or wrong. no foundation for moral values. but under the xian worldview, the xian has no right to say that anything is wrong, as we can’t know the will of god. for the xian to condemn any horrible act as wrong, is to argue with and deny the will of god. for example, the xian has no basis to say that? the holocaust was wrong, because it? may serve a greater absolute good that god knows, but we are not aware of. therefore, craig fails.

  2. DirtPure says:

    Why are there all Asians in? the audience if this debate took place in Canda? …lol

  3. mytuber81 says:

    John Shook is one of the most intellectually dishonest people I’ve heard. He blatantly avoids questions and will? misconstrue his opponents argument, essentially arguing strawmen. He did it on almost all his rebuttals.

  4. OneDollarBook says:

    Christopher {bearer of Christ} Hitchens feeds off the ignorance of his fawners.
    “Atheism” is the religion of the? criminally insane.

  5. lfzadra says:

    So goats, moles, crickets & ticks? are more rational than theists? Well, no surprise at all here.

  6. OneDollarBook says:

    Atheism is the condition of goats, moles, crickets & ticks.?

  7. lfzadra says:

    Again, if you find religion? an objectionable thing, leave christianity.

  8. OneDollarBook says:

    Read your tea leaves again. In? which post did I promote religion? I condemn your religion.

  9. truthseeker010101 says:

    OMG, the? same disgusting FAT retard at the beggining and the end. He was an idiot the first time around!

  10. truthseeker010101 says:

    59:00 It is? not a gender. Sorry to disappoint you.

  11. truthseeker010101 says:

    55:00 Craig destroyed him, but I bet the kid did not understand and? remains today a ignorant atheist.

  12. truthseeker010101 says:

    39:54 I guess students at UNC do not have access to dictionaries? The word God in the dictionary has changed to literally? mean ELOHIM from the Bible, a personal deity God. The ironic part is that Atheistic scholars are the ones who changed the meaning in the dictionary to better suit their disbelief in a christian deity god. I love it when a whole classroom claps for ignorance, YEY IGNORANCE!

  13. truthseeker010101 says:

    Au? — That supreme Brahman is infinite, and this conditioned Brahman is infinite. The infinite proceeds from infinite. If you subtract the infinite from the infinite, the infinite remains alone. ? The conditioned is part of the unconditioned, and the other way around, one cannot exist without the other.

  14. truthseeker010101 says:

    :20 WTF is that thing? How can your mind still work being so fat and calcified? you cannot even speak clearly? so I see it does not work.

  15. truthseeker010101 says:

    he thought he would bring a Christian? in knowing most of their dogma is pretty easy to refute but he did not expect William lane Craig to call on his secret , “Earth, fire, wind, water, heart, when your power combine…im so just kidding…lol.

  16. lfzadra says:

    I grant you that religion has some benefits, as the community driven stuff, that is hard to replace. But you are mistaken if you think atheists are hopeless nihilists. My life is exactly like yours, what makes it worth living is equal: family,? friends, career, and so on. I just don´t hold my breath waiting for the afterlife. And I don´t fear hell either for me or others like I did when I was a christian. This remarkable, fantasy free source of inner peace can´t be given to you by religion.

  17. Orion3T says:

    If non-motorcylists were being told they must? all buy motorcycles and wear leathers, their kids must attend motorcycle schools, and they must generally accept all motorcycling culture whether they like it or not, then I bet they would start to congregate to oppose such oppression. It’s a way of combating victimisation and raising awareness that not everyone is a motorcyclist and shouldn’t have to like motorcycles whether they want to or not.

  18. Orion3T says:

    People who have something in common, especially something fairly central to their worldview and when the majority hold it against them, like to congregate to discuss stuff without worrying about offending people. To raise awareness so others have the confidence to come to terms with non-belief. It doesn’t seem to happen much in the UK though, because atheists here don’t get anything like? the same level victimisation as they apparently get in the US, in fact I think we’re the majority.