John Goldsmith

Some cool Vancouver BC images:

John Goldsmith
Vancouver BC
Image by Michael Kalus
View on black

Shot on Kodak Gold 200, scanned by Costco (sorry).

to take the entire city…
Vancouver BC
Image by stovak

Downtown Vancouver
Vancouver BC
Image by Miss Barabanov
Vancouver, BC.

13 Responses to “John Goldsmith”

  1. fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed says:

    Hard to believe what can be had from a Cintar. Some people don’t care for the distortion with the Cintar, but I think the out of focus area here is perfect.

  2. Michael Kalus says:

    I am still trying to get a hang off things, this is only the second roll of film I have put through and due to software issues right now I can’t scan the first one 🙁

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  3. fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed says:

    I tried some Kodak Ektar in a C3 a while back with the 35mm Sandmar wide angle and Cintar. If you have not already tried Ektar give it a shot.

  4. Michael Kalus says:

    Oh, I’ve shot some Ektar:

    I am waiting for more to come in from the US as they rob you here for a roll 🙁

  5. fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed says:

    I don’t recall exactly what I paid last time but it was under $5.00USD per roll. The shop where I buy it ran out a while back and was a bit slow in restocking. The clerk said the Ektar sold way better than expected. So I ended up shooting 99Cent store film.

  6. Michael Kalus says:

    Yeah no such luck here in Canada, they want $7.25 plus tax for a roll of Efke for example (120), a 135 roll of Ektar goes for close to $10 and a 120 for $8.

    I should check the dollar stores here though, maybe they have some cheap film lying around.

  7. fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed says:

    The stuff I get here from the 99Cents Only stores is supposed to be rebranded DNP Centuria. Which I think is no longer being made. Really not bad. The package is marked "Memories", and is mostly yellow.

    Argus C4 w/Memories mystery meat film:
    Bishops Palace 4 - Galveston, TX - Argus C4
    Sacred Heart Church - Galveston, TX - Argus C4

  8. guruveee says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Argus C3 Brick, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  9. 9809927974269 says:

    handsome fella, that waxy. i like the scans, not bad at all. you should see the ones i was getting from shopper’s. regards, f

  10. arrowlakelass says:

    Is that curvy building Arthur Erickson’s last building? Vancouver looks great!

  11. one42chrisp says:

    Love it 🙂

  12. Miss Barabanov says:

    arrow – I can’t answer that one…sorry!!

    thanks one42

  13. anacer says:

    This is a piece of art!
    Seen in

    POST 1 – AWARD 3