Joey Shithead of DOA on QTV DOA is working on a new album and Joey Keithley aka Joey Shithead sat down with Jian to talk about the past, present and future for the punk frontman.
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19 Responses to “Joey Shithead of DOA on QTV”

  1. DRwhofan9100 says:

    Wow,? nice, good music, and he’s not an asshole.

  2. S2Cents says:

    damn, the interviewer? should really zip-it a bit more.

  3. spiralcosmosart says:

    I love? this band a lot better than the Dead Kennedies. They just on kept on creating more and more songs continuously, a lot of them obnoxious shit, yet some brilliant and that’s what Canada’s best PUnk rock is all ABOOT!

  4. emoneybagz23 says:

    The? interviewer sucks asshole!

  5. CatsnBabies192 says:

    Shit HEad?

  6. quiz0walkthroughs says:

    lol shit head?

  7. davidcotestratton says:

    his book is? good lol

  8. miss21May says:


  9. 326Zach says:

    3:53-3:59? lol

  10. Afrosamurai532 says:

    LMAO back then all Canadians had accents?

  11. arachnoblaster says:

    Let the Shithead speak you? asshole!

  12. PunkyF00l says:

    Lolz,? at 0:20. He’s getting boring/

  13. cochranexyz says:

    DOA? has always been great. Always.

  14. itsonlyonyxia says:

    ever think that nofx? cares about having fun?

  15. BobbyPyn372 says:

    this guy rules. i will always love him cuz at the Dallas show in 86, he broke his toiletseat guitar over a big skinhead’s dome. we were all pretty much scared of the skins cuz we were all a bunch of little kids and they beat us with impunity. but Joey was like “There’s TWO HUNDRED OF YOU, THERE”S TWENTY OF THEM! G E T T H E M !? ! ! !” and we did! it was glorious, utterly glorious. I fought skinheads from then on. and i still do. Dallas owes you Joey. Jah Love

  16. Passthepie says:

    I’ll? get slammed for this, but just noticed that Joey Shithead looks like Kevin Costner in a leather jacket

  17. leadbelly39 says:


  18. Sk8AndDestr0y says:

    cept john wayne was a nazi, and? joey shithead was a drunk:D

  19. S1N15T3R says: