Jay Brannan – Myth of Happiness

jaybrannan.com Nov 16 – New York, NY Nov 21 – Toronto, ON Nov 22 – Montréal, QC Nov 23 – Vancouver, BC Nov 25 – Calgary, AB Nov 26 – Edmonton, AB Dec 8 – Salt Lake City, UT Dec 10 – Chicago, IL Dec 12 – Houston, TX Dec 13 – Austin, TX Dec 14 – Dallas, TX Jan 18 – Los Angeles, CA Jan 21 – San Francisco, CA Jan 23 – Phoenix, AZ — myth of happiness music and lyrics by jay brannan well, that bullet in your mouth found the easy way out wont be long until you’re sorry the future was lookin’ starry now your eyes are sweating doubt you look good in them jeans do you know what love means? they said just do the things you do and love’ll just come to you they left out all the in betweens [chorus:] i have found effort combined with indifference is the formula for success and the prisoner most craving deliverance is the one proffered it less why wont you liberate me? im a captive refugee from this myth of happiness still a believer i guess i dont always feel on in fact im usually turned off but i am drawn into your grieving and you’re smile’s not so deceiving i can take the faceoff and he coulda, woulda, wasn’t i am, will, have, did if tomorrow i died no one could say i hadn’t tried even succeeded, god forbid [chorus] you say you don’t have love what if love truly is an action? cant learn to walk until you crawl but why does a building have to fall for a man to show compassion [chorus] will you believe with me? say yes © 2010 great depression publishing
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19 Responses to “Jay Brannan – Myth of Happiness”

  1. shikafangirl135 says:

    can’t wait for you to come to texas, counting the days :)? so excited!

  2. haralabatos says:

    YOU SHOULD COME TO OREGON, PLEASE!!!!!! 😀 your music has helped me realize who I really am and what I want plus you? have an awesome voice!!!

  3. haralabatos says:

    Si esta de jay brannan lo sento mi espanol esta muy malo?

  4. questionofoverture says:

    So beautiful.? Reminds me of Joni Mitchell.

  5. cobaindeath says:

    hey great soong… this song is you???? solo hablo español…. saludos men..

  6. essentialbreath says:

    where did you go??

  7. MichaelAuthorAllAges says:

    Very? nice, Jay. Congrats on your tour. I enjoyed your song. Nice, natural, lyrical voice. Keep up the good work!

    -Michael 🙂

  8. donstrom says:

    I love your? music.

  9. Marco262a says:

    Good job Jay,
    like your? acoustic musical offering


  10. shiwending says:

    Come on men have some confident. Such? a nice voice

  11. andyloo19910204 says:

    you have? such an amazing voice

  12. AhmedAdamD says:

    Okk, you just made my ears smile <3?

  13. blancfaces says:

    You speak too much bro… but your sing? it worth the annoing time at the beginnning
    song in favorites

  14. FeelTheSexualTension says:

    Aw, man, good luck? in Texas. =/

  15. lina25 says:

    What are? the chords to this!?

  16. TheOy1999 says:

    Thanks for your music, Jay. You’re a great songwriter and a? great musician, and I really admire you. keep it up!!

  17. tlmtlkn2ya2 says:

    Ok you sir are FREAKIN’ awesome. This was the very first time I’ve listened to you and I’ve already started watching your videos in sequence :-). Great music.?

  18. Lichtfee004 says:

    Yes? , I love it ! Ann Sander

  19. kino08 says:

    OMG….. Jay, this is such a beautiful song.. love it… ur song always come from heart… and it touch me.. next time when u in dublin, make sure u play this song…. love it… come back soon….?