Jammin’ a Hammock – [Walk off the Earth] – Gianni

Jammin' a Hammock - [Walk off the Earth] - Gianni

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21 Responses to “Jammin’ a Hammock – [Walk off the Earth] – Gianni”

  1. broderuzzi89 says:

    very? cool…and nice color!

  2. ludane80 says:

    hello de France
    just great?
    j ai passé un trés bon moment a vous écouter

  3. murphy15989 says:

    Little nice Song. love this?

  4. Money4Nuthing says:

    I’m not the? only one? :DDD

  5. kevinsnotkool says:

    i love it dude? !!

  6. rkar06 says:

    I only? watch it for the lyrics.

  7. Sunshinekisses28 says:

    Loooooove? it man… chillaxin, feelin the vibes 🙂 Rock it … my only complaint is, does not go for long enough hehe

  8. yogaahk says:

    you’re? so amazing dude, 3 in 1.. hahaha lol

  9. Danielsworlds says:

    The first min is just ging….?

  10. Mike Kevin Pastrana says:

    Insanity at? its best!!!

  11. puterguy72 says:

    remember me, I’m the one who had your(maybe you) baby uuazz oohhh remember meee yeahhh the one who had your baby? uuaazz check it.something like that

  12. Bryjaslex1 says:

    It actually went on for 3 days- they edited it? down

  13. MeTaLHaZ3 says:

    ging? ging youself!

  14. SuperBilow says:

    I think he is trying? to tell us something.

  15. jcnavyboy89 says:

    sounds like me when im having a seizure…. congratulations? u made a cover of an epileptic…just kidding i love you guys!

  16. BahamasMusicLasers says:

    its sucks that i have no? titties! 1:36

  17. TheLoulou198 says:

    Very? Good :O

  18. xyFAILxy says:

    Quagmire’s song.?

  19. funnykeyblade says:

    the redness? is scary meeeeee

  20. teninhas77 says:

    Becoming a tomato in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4…BOOM

  21. WidespreadWorks says:

    its funny how his head turns? more red every second of this song 😀