Jamie’s Whale Watching Tofino BC, Canada

Check out the website for more: www.jamies.com Jamie’s Whale Watching offers tours in Tofino and Ucluelet on state of the art zippy zodiac style vessels for those who crave adventure, or the west coast’s only large, luxury whale watch vessels, the 65 foot,’Leviathan II’ in Tofino or the ‘Lady Selkirk’ from Ucluelet, BC. Most often viewed are the Pacific Gray Whales. The migration starts to show up along the coast of Vancouver Island in early February and continues through late April. From April on through November, we have our ‘Resident’ Gray whales feeding in Clayoquot Sound and Barkley Sound. Humpback whales are seen throughout our season, with the heaviest sightings in February, June, July, August and September. We see Orca whales (Killer whales) as well. There are 12 pods of ‘Transient’ Orcas that we see about once every two to three weeks throughout the year.

7 Responses to “Jamie’s Whale Watching Tofino BC, Canada”

  1. bluemoke1 says:

    The? most beautiful experience in my life!!!!!!!

  2. BeeRich33 says:

    too? many hippies. Ucluelet.

  3. MrMario638 says:

    Kurcze, ladna ta Kanada i takie ladne zwierzaki maja. Pozdrowienia z Polski?

  4. TreasuresTresors says:

    Hi JamiesWhaleWatching, great video! British? Columbia is such a beautiful place, both on land and at sea. This video would be great for the Canada’s Got Treasures collection, which aims to feature Canadian videos of personal or cultural significance. Help celebrate Canadian diversity by joining our YouTube group (/group/TresorTreasure) and submitting your video. It would be made available on our channel and website.

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  5. madzniburkle says:

    hey thanks for the great Time! Regards to Our Captain JESSIE =D She was an Awesome Captain. ( from? the nosiest group on July 3rd!)

  6. 12shawna says:

    thank you.. i love it.. tofino is god country for? sure.. i am coming aug 1st…

  7. johnwest360 says:

    wow cute whales….?