It’s You… Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver’s new destination film uses multiple platforms to send its message — and it’s unlike any promotional piece of its kind. Incorporating a local band and original song, “It’s You… Vancouver” is the world’s first professionally produced destination film in music video format. The song is performed by Watasun, a Vancouver-based duo whose music fuses urban beats with traditional folk sounds. One-time buskers on Vancouver’s Granville Street, singer/songwriter Adam Bailie and percussionist Reid Hendry now record, produce and sell their own albums, taking inspiration from the city’s diversity, vibrancy and unity. Throughout the three-minute video, the duo perform their catchy tune while making appearances in, near or atop of iconic Vancouver attractions, including the Vancouver Convention Centre roof, an Aquabus ferry and snow-covered Grouse Mountain.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Shot from a field in east Richmond. Note the shadow of the chemtrail. Vapour my a$ $ …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 Responses to “It’s You… Vancouver”

  1. mustardtown says:

    I’m so lucky to live near such an amazing? city.

  2. rahmanjoy says:

    Nice, I live? here.

  3. tangotrance says:

    love the music and shots.. just wish they were edited in a bit? less fast way to enjoy the scenery…

  4. pedrohfv80 says:

    I? living in vancouver , It’s very relaxing, I love

  5. julesnatural says:

    I was in Vancouver last summer for over all 5 days, on 4 of? which there was some rain, and it’s still become one of my favorite cities in the world! Gotta go back there!

  6. rumbleROWR says:

    Every city in the world has something that makes it unique. I love Vancouver, regardless of the weather. Once you live here, you adapt. We are not the “best” city in the world, but we are? sure an amazing city. <3

  7. TheWisdomTree says:

    Well they forgot to show any clips of? 9 months of rain or the DTES (btw I wouldn’t go barefooted round Water St like that… he definitely woulda checked that pavement for needles hard before doing that)

  8. lucya7x20 says:

    Capilano suspension bridge??

  9. iluvmusic019 says:

    i wanna? go to vancouver now, you can walk around barefoot there!

  10. sepisal says:

    Well it is a clip just to attract tourists , obviously they just show sunny day which is very rare in Vancouver 🙂 Tourists won’t be bored if they are here for less than 2 weeks more than that? you will get bored. It is a beautiful city on sunny days 🙂

  11. sepisal says:

    Well it is a clip just to attract tourists , obviously they just show sunny day which is very rare in Vancouver 🙂 Tourists won’t be bored if they are here for less than 2 weeks,more than that you will get bored. It is a? beautiful city on sunny days 🙂

  12. lukeyboy1325 says:

    Cant wait to get out there!!!?

  13. bianca07222002 says:


  14. RandiLang8 says:

    Loved the video… makes me really miss the beautiful? things about home.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  15. CorozalBayResort says:

    Great song and great video of the greatest city on earth,? Vancouver, B.C.

  16. kickyourasspls says:

    which? bridge?

  17. ManalandMakeup says:

    oo? so cool! i;m visiting vancouver in the summer any place i should go? what is that bridge place called?

  18. adccenntre says:

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  19. SultanMixDown says:

    beautiful city great song crazy vocals? 🙂

  20. Oreshkinn says:

    Beatiful city

  21. troyboi86 says:

    Vancouver is suited for European descendants and Oriental descendants, no disrespect to either 🙂 I found this city very boring, lack of multiculturalism, very extreme in social structure, overly expensive, narrow minded sportsmanship and horrible wet cold weather. I felt as if Vancouverites put on this likable image because the place is advertised to be. Underneath the “fashionable” exterior are very unhappy, moody and prejudice people. I found? majority of the people are very narcissistic.

  22. mauricetsai says:

    agree, no offence, but Hastings still scares me….
    and? “few” people are “a little” less thoughtful for others

  23. DreamStageKorea Vancouver says:

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  24. drumsetc says:

    @johnh23, nice to meet? you too. Have a nice day!

  25. johnh23 says:

    What a sick lowlife u r …?

  26. johnh23 says:


    You’ll never hear Harper harping about HAARP? …. nice ufo here at 5 sec.

  27. Tyannalyn says:


  28. launoteama23 says:

    Chinga tu? madre.

  29. Tyannalyn says:


  30. STEVEDIGIBOYtv says:

    Heavy duty camera work sir, check out some of? mine.

  31. DisposableWarrior says:

    a stinger would? work like a charm

  32. jana9999 says:

    Unbelievable footage. Wow, it’s amazing how blatant they? were. When are ppl gonna wake up. This is the best footage I’ve seen so far. Now that is proof. I’m sending the link to everyone I know who doesn’t know. And most ppl don’t know about chemtrails. I told 6 ppl today cause I was shocked by the time I got to work. None of them ever heard about chemtrails.

  33. Juelz6o4 says:

    In North Van the sky was clear until I saw chemtrails there was a bunch of rippled lines going different dirrections and cross over old paths then? the trails then shortly turned into a cloudy haze that seems to be spreading..

  34. sodasoap says:

    sadly the government? work with those criminals that spray us,better get a bazooka and shoot it down

  35. jamieball says:

    I hate it when this happens.. the day time turns into a hazy mess and it? can’t possibly healthy.. then when I am out at night with my telescope they fog up the sky again and this bothers me. Who are these heartless people and why must they do this?!

  36. sealalula says:

    i am from singapore and will be going to vancouver next week for 1 month 🙂
    i will be staying? in Richmond, Gilbert Road !!!!

  37. PsychoMatt01 says:

    Great Post, I’ve always wanted to follow them to see who’s piloting them or? if there sent drones, they do some odd manovering.

    Why are they spraying them though, we know whats in it but is it really population control? Lowering Immune System? Weather Modification? Or something else and more? I’ve even heard it going into Holographic Projection. Keep searching. =)