io??- ??Real ??MV???(Official Video)

io ??-??Real ??MV???. ?????????????? ????????????????????? ????????????????????? ??????, ?????????? 2010??????: [??????????????] ???io???? This is a official video of io’s new album, Real. Often times, our childhood dreams and what made us happy when we were young becomes garbage due to the pressures of real life. Real is a simple song asking one question: Are you really happy with your life? io is a Chinese alternative pop rock band from Vancouver, Canada that is actively gigging in Taipei, Taiwan. Please visit our blog for live and news updates:
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16x9 - Luka Magnotta: The man behind the name
[June 9, 2012 Special Coverage] The man suspected of killing and dismembering Chinese student Lin Jun in Montreal – Luka Rocco Magnotta – has become a household name in Canada. But just who is behind that name? Exclusive video of Magnotta during an audition for a reality television show about cosmetic surgery gives a revealing glimpse of the man who’s been linked to unspeakable crimes. Carolyn Jarvis reports.
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  22. moneylongasalimosine says:

    You now get raped.. in the? ass.. by magnotta! Your Turn!

  23. TheSpiritualSoldier says:

    That shit is wack, now I know why because? you suck! They must be a Luka Magnotta fan. Fkin lame ass music. He sounds like a Big lurch 3rd class stylist.

  24. TheSpiritualSoldier says:

    You are now a cat! Your? turn!

  25. joshuapratt6 says:

    lawl the guy isn’t even clever? ohh just imagine beating his head open with a bat.

  26. Asgardian93 says:

    Anyone notice the jew hat?

  27. smoothsim says:

    YIKES! that ex girlfriend? is scarier than he is!

  28. papoocanada says:

    Loud, sensational, flashy television with background music added. Dont believe any? of this trash.

  29. 16x9onglobal says:

    Linked annotations to the full – raw – audition video are in this? story. It’s also listed in ‘video responses’.

  30. BoQuan22 says:

    lol this video? makes this guy look like the worst thing. the makers of this video are complete trash and don’t include everything and only puts in and cuts out the important things.

  31. evaluo0301gmailcom says:

    a lot of murders? are girly boys.

  32. BedazzleGlitterGal says:

    @jingbangsho EXACTLY! Some suffers do very well in life, others get very mentally in and unstable. , like eric. He was severely abused and it really messed him up.. i cant imagine what he went thru. .. but Jun did not? deserve that, and i pray eric repents.. he is all alone .. thats only gonna make him worse;(

  33. jingbangsho says:

    you sound retarded. child abuse is wrong.? period

  34. jingbangsho says:

    sensationalized infotainment
    investigator perry’s entitled? to his opinions but why is this nonsense relevant?
    shameful pseudo journalism

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  36. MsTinkerbelle87 says:

    hey lawyers can’t help? who they defend it’s their job i’m sure they aren’t thrilled!!!

  37. matttylerr5 says:

    yay! nightmares tonight! :D?

  38. DorianDietrichBlog says:

    he isnt gay? hes bisexual

  39. DorianDietrichBlog says:

    enjoying the process of plastic surgery doesn’t make you a crazy killer lol ,? that phyc doctor is stupid lol

  40. BedazzleGlitterGal says:

    @katiealanna YOUR? THE SICK BITCH , NOT ME

  41. BedazzleGlitterGal says:

    @katiealanna Your glad he? was abused? your a nasssty peerson at heart. .. YOU have mental problems, take ur antiphycotic meds and have a nice day)