Indie Music – “Stray Shadows” by Blanket Barricade (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Indie music video from Blanket Barricade. Part 1 of 4 part story-based music vid saga: ? WATCH PART 2 HERE:? ? WATCH THE WHOLE SAGA HERE:? ?DOWNLOAD On iTUNES:? Or Bandcamp: Indie Music 2012 — If you like sad depressing dark rock songs then check out our debut independent album “Parade Bells” On iTUNES or on Bandcamp. Music Video Presented by Canadian band Blanket Barricade and Awkward Moment Productions: Check out more awesome music videos on our channel and subscribe for new music videos and new songs! Blanket Barricade on FACEBOOK – http Blanket Barricade on TWITTER – Cry Yeah and sign up for our totally non depressive and amazing mailing list Music Video (2012) CREDITS: Executive Producer – Wesley Krauss Producer / Writer / Director – Marshall Axani Husband – David Lewis Wife – Laurie Burtenshaw Woman in Dress – Krista Magnusson Bandmates – Wesley Krauss, Samuel Li, Mary-Lee Neron, Myles Feichtinger, Steve McArthur Associate Producer – Chris Judson Director of Photography – Martin Dudzik Production Designers – Bardia Garshasebi & Janice Rae 1st Assistant Director – Laura Clarke Camera Operator – Chris Moone Key Gaffer/Grip – Brett Fernets Editor – Marshall Axani Color Corrector – Martin Dudzik Grip and Lighting Gear From PS Production Services Vancouver Monitor Rental from 604CameraRentals Special Thanks To: Peter, Jennifer, Owen & Emily Krauss, Evan Meriwether, Dylan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

8 Responses to “Indie Music – “Stray Shadows” by Blanket Barricade (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)”

  1. dancingwithunicornz says:

    This is beautiful? ;~;

  2. KStein071890 says:

    They are an awesome gender fluid? couple

  3. chickenbots says:


  4. darker15243 says:

    i wish i had? that dress

  5. darker15243 says:

    i wish i had? that dress

  6. otherint says:

    i wish? real life was so exciting

  7. myCDlife says:

    Beautiful music, great song, interesting & very well done music video – excellent production quality in all aspects! I can only guess at what? inspired the music video, but someone involved obviously understands elements of humanity that are often misunderstood and frowned upon by the mainstream. Nicely done – cool, dramatic, tasteful, creative and interestingly accurate and informative. Thanks for *dressing up* your music video in such a unique, creative way that few have dared to try. 🙂

  8. inzpyrd says:

    Also,? nice camerawork! 🙂