INCREDIBLE Peking Acrobats chair balancing routine at the PNE

Watch this fearless and skilled Acrobat from Beijing stack chairs super high on wine bottles and manage to balance on them! Peking Acrobats show from the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC.

9 Responses to “INCREDIBLE Peking Acrobats chair balancing routine at the PNE”

  1. o3ville1 says:

    Sitting on a chair:? LVL: ASIAN

  2. Flanative57 says:

    Super Talent !!?

  3. 0831058280 says:

    ????? ??????????

  4. carbronica says:

    Needs? more tables and ladders

  5. deslaya7777 says:

    My idol! Amazing how calmand smoothly he? can balance himself, he makes it look so easy, ill accomplish balance like this one day

  6. FOBrawkz says:

    Then at 7:30? he stacks and faceplants on the flip.

  7. hautepower says:

    wow? that dude got high

  8. Phoosh says:

    The entire time I’m thinking, “DUDE!? Stop! You’re gonna fall!”

  9. jeremycarrier says:

    shoutouts? to NeoGaf