Ice Sledge Hockey | Paralympic Moments 2010 | Vancouver

Ice sledge hockey is a really amazing and innovative team sport. Its played with basically all the same rules as the standard hockey game. They use two defense men, three forwards and a goalie, and passed that all the same rules apply.
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In case you guys didn’t know, the Winter Olympics have been happening here in Vancouver. This look is inspired by my Canadian Pride! To see products used go to Happy Olympics! Go Canada Go! xo Eman Aziz
Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses to “Ice Sledge Hockey | Paralympic Moments 2010 | Vancouver”

  1. MrPadster09 says:

    would you be ok if we use the video on our site to? help show sledge hockey in the UK it’s perfect

  2. bghockey0822 says:

    I’ve been playing hockey my whole life, and as a hockey player, I agree with you big time, and i’ll admit it straight up, these guys make us look soft, they’re the? real tough guys

  3. roflcopterrules says:


  4. mmantis1 says:

    Kool vid, I play sledge hockey on a team called the Elmvale Bears?

  5. ladykiller85 says:

    It’s a blast, and one? hell of a workout too.

  6. ItalianDogg says:

    Is it fun? I bet so.. I live in Turin Italy and i’m doing ice sledge hockey as a university subject, we tried to play standing hockey and we’ll go for the sledges soon to get the? differences between the 2 things. Motor sciences is my university. Bye

  7. ladykiller85 says:

    I? just started playing sledge hockey. Today’s my first game, wooo!

  8. 20bozzkurt20 says:

    ? yea you got it

  9. nhlboy100 says:

    i wish this was? on tv

  10. DarkDesert23 says:

    Is there also a penalty? for interference?

  11. johnh23 says:

    Sledge hockey is just as exciting as the NHL … I caught 4 games at van2010 and all are on vid on my channel including Canada vs Norway? Bronze medal game.

  12. seronic says:

    It is.?

  13. mw2snipey says:

    who? won the gold in 2010

  14. Darkenedbyshadows says:

    we do…… and usually under the sled also… but you have to be care not to get your puck caught….. its not as easy as you think to? shoot up high…

  15. sharslou says:

    thanks? for the jewel tone

  16. bluesugar58 says:

    You are so beautiful this is a great look to? try especially in purple!

  17. catriona caruana says:

    love the pink? 🙂

  18. omgeitsaleee says:

    lol i love how this looks like just another Sunday afternoon at? your house xD

  19. ginapdap says:

    great look what color should i use i have brown eyes..?

  20. meganissuperflyyy says:

    Wow you look like a? kardashian!

  21. jacekantoine says:

    The Circus Is In Town? 🙂

  22. olayemifolami says:

    I love dis u really look? good

  23. rachelhardy14 says:

    How do u get ur hair 2 look like that? I have very straight hair but? I want a curly look 2 it, im scared use a curling iron because i dont wana burn my hair, but i dont kno how 2 use those curling things that u sleep in, please help!

  24. frueliencute says:

    thank you for really look great after did make? up.. and i like the way how you SMILE 🙂 😉

  25. glitteryaya94 says:

    u look so pretty with and with out make up!!? love it

  26. verronicalm89 says:

    i need to? move to canada!

  27. malcolmgarveyhueyy says:


  28. beastlychicata27 says:

    0:10 lol i love how u? say day!

  29. daphne3422 says:

    its wows on? your face!

  30. MegaMznicole says:

    this is soo pretty an? u look jst like megan fox