I am In Love – Song – Neal N Nikki

Release Date: 09 December 2005 Genre: Romantic Comedy Run Time: 105 Mins Starring: Uday Chopra, Tanisha Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan, Irshad Kamil, Asif Ali Beg Music: Salim – Sulaiman Produced By: Aditya Chopra Story, Screenplay & Directed By: Arjun Sablok SYNOPSIS: Take a joyride with Neal (Uday Chopra) and Nikki (Tanisha) as they travel all across Canada to find what they want most. Neal just wants what all guys want to have a deep, meaningful relationship, full of conversation and shopping NOT! For him it is pretty simple Canada is full of hot women, and he has that little lost boy charm that they love so much. So if they want to take him home, and cuddle him well why should HE complain? After all he has just 21 days before he has to waves farewell to his bachelor life. LIVE IT UP. It’s a little more complex with Nikki First there is Trish, then there are all these jobs she keeps quitting and then there’s the fact that. Well, she’s hot, she is sexy, so why not have some fun? She’s going to do whatever she wants to do so everyone out of her way! In a journey that takes them all over British Columbia in Canada, they both begin to realize that maybe what they were looking for was sitting right next to them, all this time. But hey… Don’t be so sure! After all it’s Neal. It’s Nikki. And it’s going to be quite a trip!

This is a segment from the second season of The Under Attack Show about Vancouver’s Skate Plaza. www.underattacktour.com Production Date January 2005
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 Responses to “I am In Love – Song – Neal N Nikki”

  1. gemphu1234 says:

    I never mean to say ? “Monkey is ugly”.

  2. princess57m says:

    there? not monkeys they r pretty

  3. RiseOfScars says:

    I’m so happy all? of a sudden

  4. booshilovespoochi says:

    what a waste of a? melodious song…

  5. yachauk says:

    what … where do you live ? in? 1903 ?

  6. barttheindian says:

    Great song!
    Sadly, she can’t dance, or wear? clothes that leaves anything to the imagination.

  7. gemphu1234 says:

    You dont know hindi? ? Let me know. I ll send u the lyrics in english .
    If you understand hindi you can google for the lyrics.

  8. gemphu1234 says:

    Both are looking like two little? monkeys.

  9. mominaghias06 says:

    Its written with the song?lol?

  10. Prassan Daby says:

    WhIcH FiLm? Is iT..??

  11. zahid8580 says:

    my fev song?

  12. ShahidPriyankaFan says:

    cuteee Tanisha? <333

  13. NikkLombardo says:

    Tanisha is the best..
    Greetings from? Italy 😀

  14. iloveyou131992 says:

    how mant times is she gonna change 😛 ?

  15. tinalicouze says:

    i so wnt her rainbow? skirt 2.16 n her red saree…

  16. 12Becks13 says:

    That remains me of pyaar tho hona? hi ta

  17. agmpk9 says:

    lol,? Zatanna from Smallville !

  18. 1aminahmed says:

    itz whistler which is? in vancouver (canada)

  19. maika7ohyeah says:

    whats the song that? starts at 3:00 ?

  20. Murrster3000 says:

    I? love Vancouver man

  21. Mirozenx says:

    this adds to the why i love Canada level…

    -Awesoem People
    Awesome Country
    -Awesome Skiing/Snowboarding
    -Beautiful Terrain and Landscape
    -Hot Summers, Cold Winters
    -Not? American
    -Awesome Skate Parks


  22. Krevasus says:

    Check my channel for some more skateboard goodies! And my friend doing some ollie’s over fancy sets at? the this skate plaza!~ (Y)

  23. misterneckbreaker88 says:

    hey is this a 24/7 place can u do all nighters here. and has anybody got killed or? beat up for being there late night

  24. applesause99 says:

    shake? junt 29th!

  25. BlackDeadNighmare says:

    dan? pageau!!!!

  26. TerraceSk8er97 says:

    oh okay?

  27. Kalster82797 says:

    i know your not asking me but pretty it says carry on? freestyle at 3:06

  28. TerraceSk8er97 says:

    what song is this???

  29. xXGaaraPwzXx says:

    no i was replying to someone eles asking? whats it like …

  30. sneakpeakful says:


  31. skaterocker023 says:

    i really want 2 go? 2 this park

  32. xXGaaraPwzXx says:

    sick park
    but? no half pips quarters or ramps its just like the street

  33. rulerxd says:

    awesome skatepark?

  34. Russell911 says:

    I wish they built LES skatepark? like this. It’s just as good of a location except it’s NYC.

  35. THEBIGCHIEF420 says:

    your better off suckin balls at? skateboarding

  36. TrevorLeonard says:

    is it skate only or are? bikes allowed? Looks like a dope park

  37. leokie06 says:

    what are vancouvers quieter? parks? im goinover 2 weeks time. also i suck and dont wanna get in the way lol.