How to make acapellas in Ableton Live HD tutorial pt 1: mid side EQ Eight

How to make acapellas in Ableton Live HD tutorial pt 1: mid side EQ Eight

Download my free Ableton ebook: Pt 2: HD Ableton Tutorial on how to create your own acapellas using the mid side EQ Eight Device in Live 8. By Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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13 Responses to “How to make acapellas in Ableton Live HD tutorial pt 1: mid side EQ Eight”

  1. rantuzo says:

    Great tutorial.? Thank you so much!

  2. MakingWavesOnline says:

    are? you referring to the Direct Note Access technology they added? I have been intreagued for a while about this but haven’t seen much about it since release.

  3. Saim Ali says:

    Do you know, you can? produce or download brilliant beats online on “Beat Max Pro” (google it)? I definitely like the video clip on their site, that may be helpful for you too.

  4. piratedtop says:

    shiti tut …?


    What if the vocals are? panned?

  6. sdjfieonskuwerjn says:

    Tutorial = great

    Acapealla = SUCKS

    You can CLEARLY hear both guitar & drums = NOT an acapella!

    And in the end you ask for questions, well here is one:

    Why do you make a video called “How to make acapellas”? that does NOT show how to make an acapella?

    The correct title of this video should be:

    “How to make a song sound exactly the same except that guitar, drums + voice are thinned out and have been stripped of most of its? original range by eq filters”

    Thanks for wasting 20 min of my life!

  7. Singh Mahendra says:

    Do you know, everyone? can produce or download brilliant beats online on “BeatMax Pro” (search on Google for it)? I enjoyed watching the video clip on their website, it could be motivational for you as well…

  8. GrantRamsay82 says:

    As the top commenter said; it’s incredible that you? devote your time like that. Your information is free for everyone and the music scene needs this! Many thanks!

  9. TheJohnReaper says:

    EQ eight ??? I don’t? have it…

  10. 1NotEvenFunny1 says:

    that’s? actually a really good song.

  11. molotov8904 says:

    dude thank you so much for this… im a major amateur but i still found this easy to follow and best of all it worked. ?

  12. CDriveOfficial says:

    If there are any Reason 5 users watching this who want/don’t know how? to make a Mid/Side EQ in Reason, message me and I’ll get you the Combi Patch I made for it.

  13. TheBananaquack says:

    i went to your ebook page, and i cant? find the download for it