How To Make A Bed

In this exclusive video, our housekeeper, Daya, at the Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport – Richmond will show you the secret technique to making your bed the hotel way. Use this video to teach your kids so that they can make the perfect bed. We love feedback, so let’s hear it!
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13 Responses to “How To Make A Bed”

  1. Chelse King says:

    i wonder how clean her house is?

  2. yasammimari says:

    thaaaaaaank you this video was really helpful? kisses 🙂

  3. Chafalota says:

    It is VERY sad that they don’t get paid what they should,but also all the S#@% they have to take from everyone . FIRST one as soon as they walk through the M%$#@! FU%$#& door is THEIR BOSS!!! SECOND IS the other FU@%#! housekeepers, THIRD THE CUSTOMER!!!? They work their A#! OFF for more than eight hours and they don’t even get a Fu#@%& Break!!! THOSE PEOPLE GET VERY ABUSED!!!

  4. AndyMoon98 says:

    she’s do? delight I love housekeepers, its just sad they only get paid $8/hour

  5. blackmimi99 says:

    I learn a lot….? thanks

  6. pottersmypotkr9 says:

    When she said its a king size so the green goes down i totaly got it cuz my mom is? the manager at a holiday in so she sends me to work wit the house keepers

  7. GD041809 says:

    hi, this is the standard bed making for the 5 star hotel? you don’t use the bed cover?

  8. XxSilverShotxX1 says:

    no wonder beds in? holiday inn are so comfty they have so manny layers

  9. fatzrox says:

    Whats? the material of the bed sheet?? Looks soo comfy!

  10. BloxPhantome says:

    my bed= a mattress, a pillow, a? bed sheet and a blanket :))

  11. Maddie Stone says:

    Thanks this was really helpful?

  12. Kitty2468love says:

    Don’t talk like that she’s showing u? how to do some thing and being so happy when she dose it u should be nice back, but don’t mind we all just know that ur NOT sucur! Pleas right *happy (star * happy :)) if u agree

  13. xrubyjean says:

    she’s? so delightful!