How to: Coin Roll and Ring Manipulation Tutorial

Step by step guide on how to do the coin and ring roll. Practice slow first, then speed will come naturally. USE A BIG COIN TO START WITH!!

21 Responses to “How to: Coin Roll and Ring Manipulation Tutorial”

  1. bingowrt says:

    sound quality is? bad

  2. deanmat says:

    a loonie works. Something I do for the two handed version is I use two coins, and when the coin falls below my pinky, I just hold it there with my pinky and slide the coin from the other hand into position. It seems to be much faster and looks cool. It looks like you transfered the coin, but you just keep switching coins.?

  3. DucttapeDude84456 says:

    Like gliding? it’s way through

  4. DucttapeDude84456 says:

    I like the ring manipulation? it’s

  5. FancyFangirl says:

    try pen? spinning XD

  6. FancyFangirl says:

    is a half dollar same? size as 1 euro?

  7. hwq99818 says:

    He is a Chinese
    Or chinadian?

  8. SuperStrangeSheepie says:

    Agh its so hard i keep dropping it. You make it look so easy! But i? will get it! I am determined!

  9. 66karman99 says:

    “Hello? Kitty” x’D

  10. Dingle Berry says:

    Show me the Egg roll? Lol

  11. crazynickish says:

    epic clap in? the end

  12. Fastiger345 says:

    The Beginning Song.?

  13. NerminVilic55 says:

    Thanks for coin roll :=)?

  14. renzhenni1 says:

    will u answer? the question that we ask you?

  15. jhunphillip123 says:

    how about rock and roll can you? do that?

  16. kokokopono4000 says:

    U make it look so dam? easy!

  17. VineGrief says:


  18. blueblook says:


  19. LilAsainDude01 says:

    lol at? 1:36 hello kitty

  20. lookherenow2 says:

    4 people don’t? know how to do magic

  21. SoldierFrontWildOnes says: