How the cruise ship, Costa Concordia went down

How the cruise ship, Costa Concordia went down

CNN’s Tom Foreman explains how the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia went down.
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  1. ViewersChoiceTGT says:

    Idiots apparently haven’t noticed it was? on HOW/WHY it went down. It wasn’t meant to tell you about survivors.

  2. JoanLorraineN says:

    Two other web sites (including AIS) are showing that the turn was done in the opposite direction….not a left for a 180 degree turn, but to the right for an almost 360 degree turn ….The final result? is the same (huge gash on the port side is up and the starboard site of the ship is under water….but still, did the dropping of the anchor and the actual directon of the turn cause her to list so much to the side opposite the gash.

  3. imkoolkiller99 says:

    yes but titanic was built 100 years ago if it was built today it would be? much bigger

  4. imkoolkiller99 says:

    yes it was bigger than the grand titanic but titanic was built? in 1909-1911 and íf titanic was built today it would be much bigger than this ship

  5. EntaruThandin01 says:

    Bull Shit!
    The news reporter didn’t know his shit, he was all like: Are you getting this? Cause that’s what? I’m getting…

  6. nighttrain334 says:

    This is a video that shows how the ship went down? and why! not casualties,actually the news man did a great job on breaking it down!!

  7. EntaruThandin01 says:

    American news sucks… Almost no facts, no actual coverage and half the video was about the freaking water… No information about survivors, no interviews with? rescue teams or survivors…
    Wow I feel sorry for you guys…

  8. iheresss says:

    Compare in? tonnage, Costa Concordia is 2.5 time larger than the Titanic.

  9. Awesomewolfpic says:

    only reason say like titanic cause it bigger and it hit rock almost like the? titanic but they hit the ice so idk but it seems only reason cause they were big ships

  10. PekiboStudio says:

    the ship went down because of the rip in the side it it was a small rip that only effected one of the water tight compartments the ship would still be up right now but the? rip effected multiple compartments and from what i understand when they made the turn is when the ship fell on its side which would mean that it was sinking because water was able to enter the ship at places the water normally wouldn’t touch causing it to fill and go down

  11. WillShakespeare2007 says:

    – I think it is just a stupid comparison as who cares about the Titanic it is ancient history. I think what is interesting about this is how much new time it got around the? world compared to far bigger disasters that did not have rich people on board. 1000 dead Filipinos wouldn’t have got their own graphic.

  12. barthoedemaker says:

    hey didn’t you know we have a manager culture these days? The brains are in? the office, they don’t listen to the craftsmanship anymore.

  13. barthoedemaker says:

    brilliant comment,? thanks man

  14. TehEpicNumber17 says:

    Amen.. this is more related to the? MS Mikhail Lermontov… Which also hit a rock and sank..

  15. DannyBruiz says:

    Uhhm no, they can’t use their fingers to move the latest video technology to show you where Goldman Sachs was taking a shit on people down the pipeline. As they crapped down the pipeline…did the people that got crapped on…did they leave, did they stay? No way for? CNN to use their fancy screen and fingers to show us that.

  16. TheHickstead says:

    hmm, didn’t really explain how it? went down?!

  17. iggibars says:

    CNN: Always try to make themselves smart, but they don’t realize that the watchers are much smarter.?

    CNN: For stupid people only!

  18. LJW100874 says:

    I was in ship building for over 33 years with expertise in marine architecture, especially cruise ships and I have to tell you, the guys in this video have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. By the way, the Titanic was 49,000 tons, Concordia was 114,000 tons – do the math, dummy. Layers? They’re called decks. And how can the lower decks be completely underwater if the ship is? laying on its side? The port side is out of the water!

  19. U7121 says:

    my parents booked a costa cruise trip for 2012 in? the summer and that is the very one we were ment to go on! :O

    and this morning we found out our new ship is called magica!

  20. Philip02K says:

    This was a bypassing of pre-approved course set into a computer. You need to go through four? different systems and use an override key.

  21. barrskogsv says:

    This reminds me of the sinking of M/S Estonia. That ship was smaller, about 25 % than the Costa Concordia. At the time of the sinking Estona had 989 people onboard and 852 did not make it. That makes this disaster much smaller, only about 20 people are dead and some are still missing. And that may be very hard for their families, but still, they saved a lot of people. And they could have saved more, if they only had a real captain.?

  22. Kocayine says:

    wtf u talkin about.. its everythin like the titanic both were like? shipz dat sank yo

  23. Twobeers1 says:

    Ship hits rock & gets holed in engineering spaces. Engine crew scrambling for their lives, all power is lost. Water tight doors fail due? to lack on electrical power. The captain probably wasn’t aware of actual damage for 15-30 minutes. When he is made aware he steers towards shore, momentum is carrying the ship along. Drops the hook (anchor), ships momentum pivots the ship to port & all the inrushing water slooshes to the port side and causes the ship to roll over.

  24. shippurser says:

    In defense of Captain Schettino:


    The actual reason why lives were lost aboard the Costa Concordia:­ists/christopherbooker/9030330­/The-EU-ignored-years-of-exper­t-warnings-on-cruise-ship-safe­ty.html

    European Union study showing faulty design of many?? modern cruise ships:­ransient_Flooding_on_LPS.pdf