Horn battle with the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream cruise ships

Visit www.InsideTheMagic.net for more from the Disney Fantasy Inaugural cruise! On March 25, 2012, as the sun began to set, the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship was on her Inaugural preview cruise and caught up to the Disney Dream at sea, sailing side-by-side. The two sister ships then delighted passengers with a horn battle, sounding a variety of Disney tunes including When You Wish Upon a Star, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, and even It’s a Small World. Then the Fantasy sailed by, leaving the Dream to pass behind. This video was shot from the secluded balcony in the Senses Spa on board the Disney Fantasy, near the captain’s bridge.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “Horn battle with the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream cruise ships”

  1. pinatalover500 says:

    Fun Fact: Disney Cruise ships win all horn battle.
    Fun Fact 2: All other cruise ships run in terror when hearing it’s? a small world.

  2. DAFallen23 says:

    4 crusie? ships fantasy is bigger and newwer and better

  3. Andrew Cohen says:

    The amount of people taking? pictures of the Fantasy is amazing, all the flashes going off!

  4. MegaDisneyFan97 says:

    The only time i seen disney cruise line was on my first cruise from port Canaveral and i remember a? Royal Caribbean on our left, Carnival(me in the middle), and to the right was Disney don’t know which one though–:D someday i’ll go on one!!!! they look so fun

  5. downonbothsides says:

    Lucky you, have? fun.

  6. giggitygoo890 says:

    Next week I’m going on? the fantasy!!!!:)

  7. colbybeebe says:

    omg i just found out? there’s two cruise ships LOL, id go on the disney dream the most

  8. SuperValerieMusic says:

    Im going on the Fantasy November 16-23 but not? until 2013

  9. RAWWWRRR1234 says:

    R yuh going to? the Bahamas?

  10. RAWWWRRR1234 says:

    Omg @purplefun11 I’m going on the Disney dream June? 29 too(:

  11. Purplefun11 says:

    Going on the Dream June 29- July 4, hopefully there will be a? horn battle xD

  12. Christopher DeHart says:

    going on the fantasy tommarrow!!!!? AMPED!!!!:D

  13. mikeyman8987 says:

    ha, yeah, we couldnt quite figure out what we were doing (still learning? which buttons to push!)…fun times living on board

  14. IkeTiyson says:

    are they sailing to the? same place

  15. Willilloug says:

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  16. yerzh375 says:


  17. tomasherrera91 says:

    You mean blu-ray!!?

  18. GTAfan07 says:

    Wow, I remember the ballroom fight being much? harder than that….LOLOL

  19. TYMEKOPZ says:

    If that was an insult to? the game, the majority of the footage was gameplay, stop being an ass.

  20. naoufe582 says:


  21. WheresThePokemon says:


  22. filipeJCcarmo says:

    I would Love to be? a Treasure Hunter like Nate

  23. Zuon94 says:

    He knows that.?

  24. Arvinder101 says:

    its not a movie, but sure looks like? one init, cinimatic

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  27. WheresThePokemon says:

    it? a game not a movie

  28. pierreo33 says:

    Cool movie. When is it coming out? on dvd?

  29. D34DLYxROOKIE says:

    never say potential again?