HIGHLIGHTS: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. San Jose Earthquakes

The Vancouver Whitecaps host the San Jose Earthquakes, facing off for the third and final time during the 2012 regular season. Subscribe to our channel for more soccer content: www.youtube.com – Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com – Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com – Add us to your circle on Google Plus: plus.google.com About MLS: Headquartered in New York City, Major League Soccer is the top-flight professional soccer league in the United States and Canada. MLS features many stars from the US, Canada, and around the world. Major League Soccer’s 17th season features 19 clubs each playing 34 regular-season matches. Those clubs are the Chicago Fire; Chivas USA; Colorado Rapids; Columbus Crew; DC United; FC Dallas; Houston Dynamo; 2011 MLS Cup champion LA Galaxy; New York Red Bulls; New England Revolution; Philadelphia Union; Portland Timbers; Real Salt Lake; San Jose Earthquakes; Seattle Sounders FC; Sporting Kansas City; Toronto FC; Vancouver Whitecaps FC; and, in their inaugural season, Montreal Impact. For more information about MLS, log on to the league’s official website at www.MLSsoccer.com Tags Goal, Goals, gaol, gaols, Highlights, highlight, pro soccer, sports, MLS, Major League Soccer, Football, Futbol, Soccer
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20 Responses to “HIGHLIGHTS: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. San Jose Earthquakes”

  1. HollisterTV says:

    And you do??

  2. Earthquake925 says:

    you? dont know that.

  3. HollisterTV says:

    Not for long? 🙂

  4. HollisterTV says:


  5. HollisterTV says:

    Enjoy? your glory, it won’t last long.

  6. Real Madrid says:

    Indeed. Awesome? tifo from the 1906 ultras.

  7. Real Madrid says:

    That because i am a fan of Both real madrid and Earthquakes. But? from a quakes fan., Go Galaxy beat the Spurs

  8. Earthquake925 says:

    Gaylaxy? are going to lose, they are overrated. Beckham and Keane suck balls.

  9. Earthquake925 says:

    Wow well im for sure going to the Clasico in October, ive already been to one last time? they played in Standford, AMAZING GAME.

  10. David Herrera says:

    What are you talking about? We’re talking about soccer not marriage. What does your fiances have to do with this? I find it how you have Real Madrid as your name and talking about not buying over rated players. Ironic. Anywho I’m off to see Oh Sweet Galaxy play today? vs Spurs, peace.

  11. kennethoo says:

    Camillo is the messi of? the mls1!?!??1 da fuq are you smoking LOL

  12. Real Madrid says:

    Yes. I am a season ticket holder and nearly every game? accept about 3 were sold out especially the one with Galaxy vs Earthquakes.

  13. Earthquake925 says:

    I havent? been to any games at Buck Shaw yet but are you sure that every game is sold out? Im a newbie Quake fan.

  14. Real Madrid says:

    Why are you RSL fans here anyways. Beckerman , Rimando , and Espindola didn’t do shit. It is not? our fault your players go wild after a small tackle.

  15. Real Madrid says:

    Have you seen our sales and fiances. We sold out nearly every game. Earthquakes won’t buy because they play smart? and know how to build players unlike galaxy. Buying there way up.

  16. David Herrera says:

    Overrated? U Mad because Quakes can’t buy? LOL Keano, Donovan, Beckham, laugh? at your comment.

  17. marco27ases says:

    I like the Whitecaps so much !!! cumpz from? PORTUGAL

  18. Real Madrid says:

    Let me know when your team will stop buying over rated players to the MLS cup. Why? couldn’t they just build a great team like the Quakes.

  19. swineman77 says:

    Camilo is one of our best players, no need? to trade him

  20. BackHomeBack2GodHead says:

    Thank you for helping to expose this rascal. I myself have? never trusted this individual.