Hey Ocean! – Fish (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for Hey Ocean’s ‘Fish’ from their 2008 release ‘It’s Easier To Be Somebody Else’. Directed by JP Poliquin.

19 Responses to “Hey Ocean! – Fish (Official Music Video)”

  1. snowmanslayer271 says:

    that’s it? you guys are just gonna leave the cameraman outside? ?

  2. Michael Abernethy says:

    0:41 Dave’s? Pirate swag.

  3. WispyHauntySpirit says:

    Everyone went crazy over Tara Strong cosplaying as her own characters… imagine Ashleigh cosplaying as RD or AJ. People would flip… Imagine if she did it at a concert… her band would get so many more people? in their next concert.

  4. wiwysova says:

    Why? thats just PUN-tastic.

  5. 182veman says:

    0:34 DAT? ASS

  6. tommyk1347 says:

    Sometimes I sit down and pretend I am a? fish too.

  7. ATRaddi says:



  8. rempelhockey19 says:

    So to get this straight, this is the Of”fish”al? music video for the song?

  9. NeutralNewt says:

    Me too! Their music is? so mesmerizing. 🙂

  10. TheIsobel51 says:

    i am a fish
    i am a fish
    and i? need water
    i am a fish
    i am a fish
    and i need water

    its like a chant. O_O

  11. CasualsFriday says:

    Most of the time, when I? watch their music, I get so lost in it that I forget that she’s a voice actress.

  12. RCTNextGeneration says:


  13. shiroi201 says:

    ashleigh is already just awesome but she’d be about 20 % cooler if she’d? wear an mlp shirt X3

  14. ATRaddi says:

    @AlwaysMockingjay What do you think? the band IS named Hey Ocean XD?

  15. ATRaddi says:

    @beautifulbabyandrew this is Indie Pop,? its different cuz you barely hear Indie XD

  16. CdrHurricane says:

    silly Ashleigh… you’re not a fish! you’re a pony!?

  17. AshtarAvatar says:

    cool? vid!

  18. ponywatch er says:

    Her voice and the instrumental music sync together so well. By the way you are not? a fish you are a pony.

  19. TheDerpedPony says:

    Hey Ocean is so relaxing to listen to.?