Headpins perform TURN IT LOUD at the PNE in Vancouver, bC Canada. Video shot by Gene GReenwood. More videos can be found at www.youtube.com/user/genegreenwood


Chilliwack performs FLY AT NIGHT at the PNE in Vancouver, BC Canada. Video shot by Gene GReenwood. More videos are available at www.youtube.com/user/genegreenwood
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to “HEADPINS – TURN IT LOUD – PNE – 2009”

  1. MrJohnECanuck says:

    Darby is underrated. Brian “Too Loud” McLeod (R.I.P.) was an equally important part of this band with his unique guitar playing rippin’ those? power chords!

  2. 1984redcloud says:

    LOve you Darby! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wore this cassette out back in the day! WOw! SHe is still a? hottie still. “Stacked with a Rack!” Keep Rockin!

  3. Wyld45 says:

    Oh yeah,she STILL looks good,…and? sounds great as well.

  4. andrejouellette says:

    Two guitars needed? for Too Loud McLeod music!
    It still works real good turned up real LOUD!!!

  5. SpaceDrehley says:

    Well Canada, I’m here in the states, musician of? course, but I travel the land proclaiming the greatness of Darby. Sadly, no one will “gladly” admit THEIR favorite female rocker ain’t even ridin’ shot gun. Back seat for all except Ann Wilson. My guess for no recognition has got to be the name. Were they planning on being the greatest bowling alley band ever? I NEVER got it. How about just **DARBY**! I have never seen a first album list only ONE band member until theirs. She is 1 of a kind

  6. gotosjaa says:

    The dirtiest? voice in Rock just got dirtier. She’s awesome!

  7. Lanie Morton says:

    Rhianna Britney and Beyonce.. THIS IS HOW ITS? DONE

  8. wheels7ty1 says:

    fark shes a hottie? curly head muther

  9. 77bubba00 says:

    Got some of those? vinyl disks in the attic. 🙂

  10. Mikk B Morbid says:

    what a set of? pipes.

  11. acierman7589261 says:

    loved you 25 years ago …still? love ya ….keep it up !!!!

  12. Acelytem says:

    I love this woman,she is one of my favorite front? people to listen to and watch!!

  13. wendi mac says:

    You go girl! Love ya!?

  14. DouglasBWelch says:

    Love it!

  15. DouglasBWelch says:

    Love? it!

  16. fishscream says:

    Sure miss the edge that Brian? brought to the band, but still good to hear Darby’s voice kickn’..

  17. LCFD144 says:

    OMG this woman ROCKS! Gotta love those hot Okanagan summer nights. Rippin it up in K-town or down the Peach city! Darby is? 100% class!

  18. noj1212 says:

    Darby is in? amazing shape – what a woman, damn…

  19. OutdoorEnt says:

    Stil got? it Darby!

  20. deeniemarie7 says:

    all the? pre song yapping BLOWS.

  21. MrSid54 says:

    wonderfull wonderfull wonderfull? song i have listened to it a thousand times and i hope to listen a thousand more a true Canadian classic.

  22. donaldwilliam says:

    …and Henderson still? nails it!

  23. donaldwilliam says:

    to me, this is one of the all-time best rock? guitar bits…

  24. JESUStheATHEIST1 says:

    brings? back a lot of great canadian memories here in new brunswick.

  25. rauffray says:

    Love it!?

  26. W103WWRW says:

    Henderson and the guys are? in my Rock n roll Hall of Fame…

  27. Laws631 says:

    you GOTTA hear the youtube by One More Girl. Google it add greenwood gene, he did a gret job. Go OMG Mission BC Aug? 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 fan

  28. kansaimagic says:

    These salty old bastards sure kick ass. Love? the song guys. Please keep up the good work.

    stunpals(dotcom )

  29. RapStolicaKIELCE says:

    poszed?bym? na taki koncert

  30. dukemaguire1 says:

    they performed 2 years ago at the fair here in yorkton saskatchewan and WOW!!!? what an absolutely awesome concert man!!!! love em!!!!!

  31. 6082601 says:

    A great band performing a great song! Nothing? but props from me !!!!

  32. jum1801 says:

    For a live performance, recorded on a cellphone, done almost 40 years after the fact by guys in their 60’s, that was a surprisingly good vocal? and instrumental performance!

  33. ritzyful says:

    consider this song? good enough to download!

  34. oicduc says:

    i cry …its a? musician thing!!

  35. odiumimbues says:

    god dam i am moving to? canada. my favorite bands are from there. HOT PANDA, CHILLIWACK. Few others but nothing youve ever heard.